DIY Duct Tape Planter

For those of us less handy with a paint brush I’ve got this DIY for a cute planter.

From the dollar store, I bought:

  • Glass dish: square is best so the tape wraps well $1
  • Duct Tape: the fancy pattern type $1
  • Colored Rocks- matching the tape pattern $1
  • Succulent- You can get the fake ones but I had one I needed to plant at home.
  • Planting Dirt- Succulents like porous soil that drains well. I had some already.
  • About 15 minutes

So I’m all in for $3.oo on this project. Now onto the fun!

I removed the price sticker from the bottom of the glass and opened up my tape. I wanted the tape to hide the dirt under the pretty rocks I’d be adding. So looping the tape around the glass was a slow process. I did make a small slice at the corners so I could fold the tape without loosing the pattern (due to the vase being slightly smaller at the bottom than the top).

After my tape was placed like I wanted I added dirt to just below the tape line and wetted it. Next I added a layer of blue rock about a 1/4″. If you are using a fake plant the depth of rock isn’t as important but I need to still plant a live succulent. Making a center hole I inserted the succulent stem through the rocks and into the dirt below.

Enjoy your new potted plant. Mine is a housewarming gift for a wonderful friend. You could also place this in a cubicle at work or make several and use as centerpieces at an event.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Happy Questing!


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