About Us

Pursuing a creative life is not easy. Some people call you crazy, others just ignore you. We want to support your dreams fully.

To do that we are setting out to show you our creative lives (and some of our friend’s lives too). You can expect to see three posts a week, one from each of us, ranging from writing, cooking, gardening, DIY, and travel.

Amber Wood- Jumped into the creative life by quitting her day job and moving south.  Motto, “Sink or swim.”

Sherry Rought- Move between Michigan and Costa Rica, planting gardens in northern summers and traveling during tropical winters. Motto, “Live life fully.”

Hannah Deurloo A mom and author, trying desperately to balance dish duty and writing duty. Motto, “Do the work.”

Samantha Gould is a writer and librarian by day, and book hoarder by night. She is a night owl who loves coffee and long walks with her dogs. She enjoys working out, cooking and baking healthy meals, and playing video games with her husband. She lives in midwest Michigan. Follow her fitness journey on Instagram or her writing aspirations on Twitter @writersam77.

Many of us dream of living creative and fulfilling lives. We offer insights, understanding, and a helping hand.

All content is created by us or our guest posters. All photos were taken by us during our quests for creativity. If you’d like to know more about guest posting or photos you can read our pages or contact us directly.

If you would like to reach us directly with questions please fill out the form below.

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    1. hsdeurloo says:

      Thank you so much for the nomination!


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