Guest Posting


Thanks for checking into our guest post section. We are happy you are considering us as a place to increase your networking, by sharing your work through our blog. We post articles about living a creative life. Whether it’s DIY crafts, hand lettering, writing, or travel. Here is a breakdown of how we operate. Please, let us know if you have any questions.

General Format We Use

Our format follows a general outline from Platform by Hyatt (If you have not read Platform and are trying to build an online presence we highly recommend it).

  • Title– Needs to spark interest of readers: catchy, # steps, avoid blank-You get the idea. If you need help coming up with one check out our post.
  • Lead Paragraph– get to the main point of the post and make it relevant to readers: 2-3 sentences on what the post is about.

Add Relevant IMAGE— We can supply this portion if you don’t have an ORIGINAL image. We cannot use images found online, it’s digital stealing. You must be the owner of the photo for us to consider using it. If you want to make your own photos check out our photo post here.

  • Personal Experience– always try to share a personal story, the more honest and transparent the better: 4-5 sentences.
  • Highlights- If you have any ‘Key Point’ or ‘Tip’ we want to know it.
  • Main Body– try to make this easy to skim through, use bullet points or short concise sentences. If you are doing a how to or DIY this is where you list out your steps.
  • Discussion Question– End with a question to start a conversation with the readers. We want people to be engaged with your post and for you to respond to readers as comments are made.
  • Your Bio– If you would like to include a short 2-3 sentence bio at the bottom of the page we would be happy to do so with links back to your site.

Other Tidbits

  • Make the posts short- aim for 500 words or less. If it’s longer than this we may consider splitting it into two separate posts or change around the format to keep readers engaged.
  • Assume an 8th grade reading level at all times.
  • Use short paragraphs- 3-4 sentences each.
  • Keep sentences short- it makes the post read faster.
  • Use simple words- we want to communicate with people not impress them.
  • Provide internal links- link to other posts on our site and yours that are relevant to your post.
  • Make it useful to the reader. There must be a benefit to the reader.

If your post meets these guidelines and it’s content is about living a creative life we would love to see it. We are happy to link back to your site as well. Our goal is to be beneficial to all partys involved.

We do not pay, we stress building platforms through networking. We do guest posts no more than once a week right now and are selective. Please fill out the form on our About Page to contact us if you are interested.

Thanks Bunches, A & H