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I’m a creative. Meaning I must create things to stay in a healthy mental place. Whether it’s words on a page, planting flowers, travel, or pulling out my drill for a DIY project, I must create. I use this blog to condense these activities and utilize my words in the process. I hope you find as much joy in these pages I do.

A running list of all my blog posts.

cba-graduation-badge.jpgCredentials are varied. I owe much to my folks who taught me early on to do the work and the rest will come and to my husband who always knows when to give me encouragement. I’ve traveled extensively inside the USA and beyond to Canada, Italy, Zambia, & Nicaragua. I’ve worked as a catastrophe claims adjuster, pizza maker, hardware store manager, and hotel desk attendant. I obtained my Bachelors in Business from Davenport University and have an Associates in Early Childhood Development for Montcalm Community College. Currently I’m freelancing copy editing services for Crusader Group while writing books for kids. I’ve completed the The Craft & Business of Writing Picture Books course hosted by Dr. Mira Reisburg & Kelly Delaney and it’s phenomenal, I highly recommend it.


Writing story. Since a child I have been an avid reader and writer and in 2013 I joined a newly formed writing group at my local library which I now teach and facilitate. I use Twitter @HSDeurloo as a means to connect to the writing and publishing community beyond my local area. My favorite reads include, Pride & Prejudice, Harry Potter, Redwall, and all things Tamora Peirce. I prefer to read and write what I think Peter Pan might like, middle grade and picture book levels. I am currently seeking an agent for my stories, you can see a list of my currently published works below along with a list of some stories I’m seeking representation for.

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Publication Credentials: 

Don’t let anyone or anything cut into your time with words. -Flannery O’Connor

Works Seeking Publication:

  • Sylvan discovers he cannot breathe fire and therefore cannot be a dragon. No matter how hard he tries, all he puffs are pansies, sunshine, and butterflies. Unable to call himself a traditional dragon, he will have to decide what he is instead. The Dragon Who Sneezed Sunshine is a picture book complete at 529 words for readers two to five.
  • The Goudas and Havartis do not mix. Falling into friendship over grilled cheese, Roman and Julie go against their family’s wishes. So, when the Annual Cheese-Off pits the unlikely friends against one another, they do the unthinkable and combine cheeses. The judges are an equal lot of Goudas and Havartis–what will come of their sandwich and friendship? The Great Cheese-Off is a retelling of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Complete at 796 words, this picture book includes the famous sandwich recipe at the end for readers aged four to eight to try for themselves.
  • Sleepy Time is a song of clocks told from a little boy’s perspective. While the boy refuses to sleep again and again, the clocks continue to move him using sound and beat. Sleepy Time is complete at 240 words and is geared toward children ages two to five. The setting can be historical, steampunk, or current depending on illustrative preferences.

To those of you working toward a goal. Never give up. Find encouragement among your peers. Learn without ceasing. Do the work and the rest will come.

Sincerely,  Hannah S. Deurloo


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