Learn to Quest

Logic Based Brainstorming Workshop- Hannah Deurloo

Perfect for writers who have up to 10k words in a story and are stumped on where to go next.

Are you starring at a blank page because you don’t know where you’re headed? You can’t ask anyone because your story, in infancy, is a mess no one can decipher. All first drafts start this way. Trust me it gets better, but you got to get the first draft done. So, you have a scattered mess with world building still happening and characters that haven’t even made an appearance yet, but are stuck in your mind like an illegal squatter.

You’ve tried other brainstorming techniques and gotten little out of it. Why? Because classic brainstorming embraces chaos as a means of idea creation. When you have a framework and your general concept, adding chaos is the last thing you want to do. It generates useless ideas that get you nowhere in your overall plot. Enter logic based brainstorming.

In this workshop I teach you how to use the story framework and scenes you already have to build intricate plots without squashing creativity. You bring your story, as fragmented as it may be, and work through an exercise. By the end, you will have several good leads to pursue for your plot and the know how to make more. Workshop handouts allow you to take these principles home with you to use again and again.

This workshop can be done in person or virtually.

Please use the form below for a quote.

Intro to Hand Lettering- Amber Wood

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