Emotional Plotting

It’s that time of year again! The time to dive deep, start drowning, and scramble back up to breath by December. It’s time for National Novel Writing Month! If you didn’t read Samantha’s post about generational plotting be sure to check it out because I’ll be building off of her thoughts here. Character is sovereign […]


In the book world R&R means revise and resubmit. Which I will talk about another day. Because in my world this week R&R means rest and recovery.

There is value in rest. My family of four got hit by the flu hard this week and I’m still trying to clean up the mess while nursing hurting tummies and fevers. Thank you for your patience.

So three cheers for some R&R and I’ll see you soon.

Happy Questing!

How to start writing again

Writing is like working out or eating healthy. Doing it every day is really hard. You’ll stumble upon challenges, roadblocks, and get distracted. You might lose progress or your sanity. But all are worthy commitments and causes. I’ve learned during my fitness journey that eating healthy and working out is a lifestyle. Mirriam-Webster defines “lifestyle” […]