Want A Coloring Page For Your Kids Book?

Hello writing friends!

My kids LOVE to color and I find myself making coloring pages for their favorite books all the time. Here is a recent example for the book Mother Bruce by Ryan Higgins.

Fan art is so fun! Especially when it’s for your children’s book.

Here is the coloring page I make for Mother Bruce! My kids LOVE this book! You can get a copy HERE.

Let me make a coloring page for your book!

You can use it as a giveaway on your website for FREE. Just link back to my blog or twitter account so others can see where to get their own art or copies of yours.

Want this fun page of Mother Bruce then grab it below for FREE.

Mother Bruce Coloring Page by Quest Type

Not ready for a coloring page for your book yet?

That’s okay. Tag someone who is or ask for your kids favorite book. You can DM me on Twitter @HSDeurloo or comment below. You can also email me a request at

Depending on how many requests I have I can let you know a timeline. I make these when my kids want to color so it’s scheduled on a toddler’s attention span (moms you know what I mean).

Let’s fill the world with fun fan art!

Happy Questing!

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