Based on a true story…

I’ve read so many stories lately that are a true story. While I do like true stories the best true stories tend to be embellished… Like Grandpa’s whopper fish story. It’s way better when he adds ten inches and whole lot more hassle to reel it in.

My point is true stories are exciting but they can be better.

Especially in fiction, where nothing is real, why hold yourself to the “true story” and not go all the way? Take that kernel and let it grow. Let it get wild and out of control. Then trim it back with editing. Let it blossom into a luscious tale you can’t put down.

While chatting with one of my writing pals (Ciara if you want to go say hi) I told her a story from my childhood. She demanded I write it in book form (as all good writing friends do).

So I did… It turned out well. But I could see that it could be better…

I needed to make a choice between keeping true to the true story or to tell the best story. So I want to ask you, dear reader, which story would you rather read? The true story or the best story? I’d wager the best story is best. So, I now have a story that is loosely based on a true story from my childhood. I’m so glad I did because it’s epic.

Every story I write tends to be my new favorite but I mean it this time. I can see myself in these pages and I can see the self I imagined to be.

Are you writing a “true story”? Can I ask you if it could be better by deviating from the truth ever so slightly? If Grandpa can do it so can you. We readers will thank you.

Happy Questing!


4 thoughts on “Based on a true story…”

    1. Yes! It’s hard to set aside some of the truth and figure out which parts are worth keeping and what’s worth improving. Gold is never easy to get in any field I suppose.


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