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DIY Macrame bottle Sling

I needed a way to carry my water bottle when out in field or forest. I came up with this inexpensive easy DIY natural jute sling holder that took less than a hour to make. I already had knowledge of basic macrame knots, if you do not know these it will take a while longer.


What you will need:

  • jute, para cord or similar
  • scissors
  • beads if you want to add them
  • water bottle for sizing

Step 1

Cutting the jute. You will need to cut 8 pieces of jute that are 15 times longer than your bottle height. It can be approximate. Place two strands together so you have four groups. Use a twist tie or rubber band to gather the ends up to prevent tangles. Lay the jute out like the picture below. The first knot will be a lanyard knot and will form the bottom where the bottle sits.


Step 2

Use the bottom of the bottle for a guide to determine the distance to leave between the lanyard knot and the first square knots.



Step 3

Using your bottle as a guide continue making alternating knots around the bottle. I held the bottle upside down between my knees with the project on it so that the spacing would be right.


Step 4

Finish it off by gathering the strings together in two groups and knot them together to form the strap. I used the noose knot. Use your body as a guide for the correct spacing on the sling before placing the final knot. Trim.


“Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              — Karle Wilson Baker

4 thoughts on “DIY Macrame bottle Sling”

  1. How crucial is the 15x length of bottle?? I don’t have that much Jute. Probably only enough for 6x the bottle length =/ . Do i bother trying this or will i definately run out way too early?

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    1. You can do it and just know your bottle size will be smaller. It sounds like you have enough to hang a small flower pot if you’re looking for other ideas. Good luck!


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