DIY outdoor Rug on a Budget

Summer is right around the corner, and I want to fix up our deck for the summer season.  My first DIY is an outdoor rug.  Now if you are like me, and want to save money any chance you get than this DIY will be perfect for you!

  Rugs can be super expensive, and the expensive ones are worth what they cost, they are of good material and have been designed by someone.  I cant afford them, so until I can, I DIY.


Rug – $17.88

2 cans of Outdoor Spray Paint -$3.87 per can

A stencil -*free

plastic drop cloth

How To

Step one: Gather your supplies, all of the items can be purchased at home depot.  If you do not want to create your own stencil like I did you can purchase a stencil like this one.  The pattern I made was inspired by a rug I saw in the store, that was a lot more expensive.  You can also add a different color I just used a cream color for mine.

Step two: Make a drawing of how you want to place your stencil so you have a good idea of where you are going to put it when you start.

Step three: Prep your painting space, I did mine in the backyard so I didnt put down a drop cloth but you should use one if you do not want to get paint everywhere.  I would suggest doing it outside since you are using spray paint.

Step four: Lay down your stencil in the correct spot (make sure to measure!) You will be moving your stencil as you paint so make sure you are on a flat area and that you can move around easily.

Step five:  Begin Painting!  Its not really hard to stencil so I am not going to really explain it in detail. All you do is set down the stencil and spray paint around it.

Step six: Let it dry and enjoy!

Let's chat! Leave your comment below and I'll get back you as quick as I can.

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