DIY Massage Bar

The last time I was in LUSH the handmade cosmetic’s store I saw that they now carry massage bars.  They look like a bar of soap and when you put it in your hands the heat of your hands warms the bar enough to melt the shea/cocoa butter and you use it for massages. I […]

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Since being in culinary school I have found some great kitchen tools that I love and I wanted to share with you.  Here are five things that I use often in my kitchen.

  1. Chefs Knife

You need to have a sharp chefs knife, I use mine almost always along with my pairing knife.  Stick with a trusted brand or have it made for you.  Find a knife with a full tang running through the handle that you can see.


2. Pasta Roller

These are pretty inexpensive and it is SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE PASTA! I love making homemade pasta and it really is just a fun tool to have.

3. Flexible bowl scraper

These are great when working with a dough it flexible to fit whatever bowl so you can really get all of your product out of the bowl.  A good spatula and bench scraper are also great tools to have.

4. Vitamix Blender

The vitamix is just great, I love that I can make an awesome smoothie any time or creat a velvety smooth soup or sauce with it. I have a Vitamix so I know they are good but I am sure there are comparable brands that may be in a better price range.

5. Lighting

I can not work in a dark kitchen, I just purchased some under the cabinet lights that light up my cutting board area better.  Make sure you have good lighting, its so helpful and safer!  These ones come with a remote and are battery operated.

Hope you enjoyed my list of kitchen gadgets,

Happy Cooking!!!

Whipped Sugar Scrub DIY

Cold weather is approaching and with that comes dry skin.  Sugar scrubs are amazing for hydrating your hands during the winter months come along with me today to learn how to make your own! Supplies: 3/4 cup Coconut Oil 1 cup Sugar Mixer Optional: Coloring (beet powder etc) Grapefruit zest Essential Oils Jojoba oil or […]

Fluid Art DIY

I’ve been watching fluid art videos for awhile now and today’s the day I decided to try it out for myself and share with you how I did it and how it went. If you don’t know what fluid art is I linked a video below describing a little bit of what it is. Now […]

Homemade Eclairs

In class this week we made eclairs so Id thought Id share the process so you could try them out too! They are super fun to make and are DELICIOUS! Ingredients for Eclairs Water 10 oz. Butter 4 oz. Sugar  1 tsp. Salt 1 tsp. Bread flour  6 oz. Eggs 6 oz. Ingredients for Pastry Cream Milk 16oz Sugar […]