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Sinus Headache Shower Bombs DIY


Do you ever get sinus headaches?  I have allergies and get them quite often.  I started using peppermint oil to get rid of all of my nasty sinus headaches and it works every time for me.  I decided to try to make a shower bomb and use all that good steam that comes from my shower to good use.


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup citric acid
  • 10 drops peppermint oil
  • 5 drops eucalyptus oil
  • 5 drops lavender oil
  • 5 drops of Camphor oil
  • 10 drops food coloring of your choice (I used Neon Pink)
  • Mold (I used a cupcake mold because I wanted to make these smaller than the bigger molds I have for bath bombs)
  • 1 tbs water
  • mixing bowl and spoon

I wanted to include a little bit about each oil I chose for this DIY.  All of the information on these oils I got from this website.  The Organic facts website does a really amazing job of laying out all of the health benefits and risks of the oils.  Its really important to research oils before using them, you should also ask your doctor about using them some are not good to use if pregnant or on children.


“The strong, penetrating aroma of camphor oil is a powerful decongestant. It immediately relieves congestion of the bronchi, larynx, pharynx, nasal tracts and lungs. It is therefore used in many decongestant balms and cold rubs.”


“Eucalyptus essential oil is effective for treating a number of respiratory problems including cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat, asthma, nasal congestion, bronchitis and sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes it a good ingredient in many medicines that treat respiratory problems. A study published in Laryngoscope in 2004 shows its usefulness in treating non-bacterial sinusitis. Patients suffering from non-bacterial sinusitis showed faster improvement when given medicine containing eucalyptus oil. Gargles of eucalyptus oil mixed with warm water are consistently effective in treating sore throats.”


“Menthol, which is abundantly present in peppermint oil, helps to clear the respiratory tract. It is also an effective expectorant and therefore provides instantaneous, though temporary, relief for numerous respiratory problems including nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough. As a result, it is used in numerous cold rubs and balms. When these cold rubs are applied to the chest, they can quickly remove nasal and respiratory congestion. In one study, the use of peppermint oil proved to be antispasmodic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory in nature, and considerably soothed the trachea inflammation and coughing in rats. Obviously, more human-based studies need to be made, but it has been a frequent part of alternative medicine for generations, and is highly respected for its use in relieving respiratory issues.”


“Lavender oil is widely used for various respiratory problems including throat infections, flu, cough, cold, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, and tonsillitis. The oil is either used in the form of vapor or is applied on the skin of the neck, chest and back. It is also added to many vaporizers and inhalers that are commonly used for colds and coughs. The stimulating nature of lavender essential oil can also loosen up the phlegm and relieve the congestion associated with respiratory conditions, speeding up the recovery process and helping the body naturally eliminate phlegm and other unwanted material. The vapor of lavender essential oil also has antibacterial qualities which can battle respiratory tract infections.”

How to:

Mix together the baking soda and citric acid( If you do not have citric acid you can make this same recipe without it, just add in the same amount of baking soda, if you do this your shower bomb will not fizz)

After combining the dry ingredients, put in your drops of essential oils.  Do one oil at a time and mix thoroughly.  If you add a lot of a wet ingredient it will cause it to fizz so do a small amount at a time.  Spritz in water until you can mold the ingredients.  You need it just wet enough so it will pack together well(see photo above) in the molds.  Add equal amounts to each mold and pack in tightly.

Let dry overnight.  Your shower bombs are now ready to use! Enjoy

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