DIY Custom hat

After making my own Hand embroidered patches I have been looking for places to put my newly made patches and ones that I have collected over the last year.   My jean jacket is filling up so I decided to switch over to baseball caps! You can buy a plain baseball cap at any craft […]

Raspberry Hedge How To

Earlier this spring an acquaintance advised they were removing an entire row of raspberries from their garden. At $10-$20 a plant at any nursery I grabbed my shovel and invited myself over on digging day. I’d stashed my toddlers kiddy pool in the trunk and within the hour I had it full of baby raspberry bushes. […]

DIY Fluffy Slime & Floam!

If you have been on instagram at all you probably have been bombarded with fidget spinners and satisfying slime videos.   Here is a quick DIY to make your very own fluffy slime and Floam! This is a great DIY for kids it only is a couple ingredients and is super simple! Supplies for Fluffy […]

DIY Tea Towel

I love decorating with tea towels in my kitchen.  This super simple DIY shows you how to customize your plain white tea towels into something beautiful! Supplies: Pack of white tea towels (10 pack at Walmart for $7) Fabric paint Thick paper or something to make a stencil out of, you can also buy a […]