Q-Kids: Mermaid Money DIY

My girls are obsessed with mermaids. And unicorns. And glitter... you get the drift. So after a fun fourth of July we had a bagful of snail shells fished from the lake. I had the girls clean the shells (nothing like smelly shellfish to find later, uck!). I grabbed our stash of nail-polish and some… Continue reading Q-Kids: Mermaid Money DIY


Q-Kids Art Activity

This little mini series is an attempt to help out my fellow parents who need ideas to break up the day. These ideas will be fast, adaptable, and hopefully use things you already have on hand, all from home. PINE CONE FLOWERS We have a lot of pine trees in our yard and I know… Continue reading Q-Kids Art Activity

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Watercolor Words Project

Most of you have seen my home library. What you don't see is the boxes of books in storage waiting for space on those shelves. One of those boxes is full of mini sized book and the box behind that is full of broken books. Books too cool to throw out but too damaged to… Continue reading Watercolor Words Project


Pimp My Playset: Finished (nearly)

So it's been a few years since I talked about upgrading our play set in the backyard. Let's just say it's been low on the priority totem pole. But this summer it finally happened. I didn't follow my plans exactly from my last post but the effort has been valiant. Here's how I transformed our… Continue reading Pimp My Playset: Finished (nearly)

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DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

Target has a craft section that has some items like wooden signs, shadow boxes and trays that serve as a blank canvas for any project.  I bought a small geometric wooden planter that happened to be on clearance for $2 from their craft section.  When I first saw it I instantly knew it would be… Continue reading DIY Geometric Wooden Candle


DIY Sliding Barn Door on a budget

A well designed whole house remodel on a budget is very tricky to pull off. The key to a successful remodel is understanding what design elements you want to include and then figuring out how they will fit together. The problem with this, at least for the 97% not living in the lap of luxury,… Continue reading DIY Sliding Barn Door on a budget

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Kitchen Remodel: Part 2

10 ways to make your Kitchen look better There are a lot of different ways to spruce up a kitchen on a budget.  Over the past week we have renovated our kitchen and I wanted to share some simple ways for you to change things up. Make sure to have a budget written out so… Continue reading Kitchen Remodel: Part 2


Kitchen Remodel Part 1: How to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro

  This week my parents and I are taking on a full kitchen remodel! We are doing porcelain floor tiles, installing granite counter tops, painting the cabinets, installing appliances, and a tile back splash.   Today I will be going through the process of how to paint the kitchen cabinets like a professional.   Supplies… Continue reading Kitchen Remodel Part 1: How to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro

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Holiday Pinecones

The trick to painting the tips of pinecones is not meticulous work and endless time. It’s as simple as a letting nature do the work for us! Here is how I make perfectly frosted pinecones for the holidays! I live in Michigan so, if I want to get pinecones from under my pine trees, now… Continue reading Holiday Pinecones