Lettering on White Pumpkins

It is time to decorate for fall! Pumpkins are the perfect way to make your front porch look amazing.  I picked out a white pumpkin to do some lettering on for the fall season and I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks I found along the way.


  • Light colored Marker (I used yellow)
  • White Pumpkin
  • Metallic Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towel and cleaner

The first thing I did was clean the pumpkin, make sure not to skip this step.  This gives you a clean surface to paint on, its already hard enough to paint on something not flat.  Do your self a favor and make sure its nice and clean before you start drawing. Next I sketched out my idea on the pumpkin, I used a light yellow marker, because it will wash off after the paint is dry and will not interfere with my lettering.

White pumpkin

You could also use a pen but I am not sure it will come off as easy as a marker.

Tip: you can print words off of your computer that you like and then stencil it onto the pumpkin to give a clean professional look.

After I had it all sketched out I took my paint brush and started painting with the gold paint.

Gold Paint

You can use any type of paint or even a permanent marker if you would rather use a marker.

Tip: use a permanent or paint marker to create your lettering, it will be easier to use on the round surface of the pumpkin.

Let your paint dry and you are finished! The end product adds a little bit of personality to your front porch!

finished pumpkin

Hand Lettering Project

I just finished reading the first Harry Potter book and I had to do a lettering piece inspired by the book!  If you are ever trying to add something special to your lettering try adding a little color by painting with watercolor or gouache.  It is so much fun to work watercoloring into a lettering project. We recently launched our Etsy shop and you can purchase this print here.   Check out my work below.

handlettering quote.jpg

Dollar Store Diy Spice Magnets

I was shopping at the dollar tree again (I know I am there far too often!) and I found these magnetic tins.  They reminded me of the magnetic spice tins but they were selling them to hold paperclips and other office supplies.  I thought it would be a great Idea to make a spice tin out of it by lettering the name of the spice on the clear part.



supplies needed.jpg
DIY Magnetic Spice Tins
  • Spices
  • Permanent marker, I used a chalk marker because I wanted the lettering to be white.
  • Magnetic spice tins ($1 each at dollar tree or you can purchase on Amazon)


I did the lettering free hand but if you are having troubles getting it to look good you can always find a font you like and print a label or copy the font over to your tins. I suggest using Creative Market to find lovely fonts that fit well with this DIY.


DIY Magnetic Spice Tins

This is a super simple DIY that is easy and fun to do, I set my magnets on the side of the refrigerator since I have a  lot of open space.  You can also purchase a metal strip to place them on If you purchase the tins from Amazon it comes with the metal for you.  It brings a little bit of personality into your kitchen and it makes finding spices a lot easier!


Free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Name cards

I use Creative Market a lot for fonts and other things for design and this week they have some amazing free downloads.  I used them to create name cards that you can download and use for Thanksgiving this year.  I know what your thinking, Thanksgiving is so far away, but its good to get some of the small details out of the way early.  When Thanksgiving gets closer and things get more hectic you can have extra time for getting that turkey perfectly cooked.

On the front of the cards is the watercolor birds and leaves and on the back is a “I am thankful for..” section that lets your guest jot down a couple of things they are really thankful for this year.  The cards are designed to be cut out in one piece and  folded in half like a little tent so they can stand on their own.

Below are the front and back of the cards.

Free Printable name cards for Thanksgiving
Free Printable name cards for Thanksgiving

The font I used is below, if you want the same font that I used you will need to download this free font and insert the names that you want on the name cards.  You can also just write in the names with a marker to make them more personal. 1-f

The watercolor birds and twigs that I used also are free on creative market if you want to make something with them or add more to your place cards this is where you can find them.


If you would like to use these awesome name cards that I created for this thanksgiving or even a fall dinner party, here is a free printable download in PDF form.

Lettering on a Mirror = Magic

I stopped by the local salvation army to look for any good finds for lettering projects and I found this amazing round mirror for 49 cents! I decided that it was a PERFECT canvas for a lettering project and I wanted to share it with you all.SAM_s3197.jpg

White lettering on a mirror for some reason looks so beautiful, its magical.  I have seen couples do white lettering on a mirror for their wedding seating chart, so that is where I got the idea.

All it takes is a white paint marker, a mirror, and you have your self an awesome piece of art.  I used a dry erase marker to do my sketch and get the layout correct and then just a regular white paint marker for the rest. SAM_s3196.jpg

Its fun to find unique things to letter on, there are so many things that you can use.  A mirror is a great option, and its really easy to work with.   I will continue to search for cool canvases to use for my lettering, and hopefully will post many more projects like these.

Times OLD Roman

Ancient script brings a whole new level to the term hand lettering. These letters are literally chiseled out of marble and still around today. Talk about longevity of work.

Traveling around Rome I took pictures of as many samples of ancient text I could find. Here are a few from the coliseum, forum, museums, and off the streets.

These are a few of the old Christian symbols and letters. Note the addition of pictures with the letters something we did not find with the Roman texts.

“The spoken word is ephemeral. The written word, eternal. A symphony, timeless.”
A.E. Samaan