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Q-Kids: Chicken Coop Club Story #1

I've been working with the amazing Townline Hatchery to create a fun children's tale series focused around raising your own poultry. This new series is called The Chicken Coop Club. These mini stories focus on living out the backyard farm while under these strange circumstances we are all subject to right now. Bonus being that… Continue reading Q-Kids: Chicken Coop Club Story #1


The Case for Story Dummies

Listening to the Literaticast Podcast (#34) I finally have been able to get a better handle on the term board book. If you aren't listening to the podcast I highly recommend it for great industry thoughts and information all around children's books. So board books are for the youngest readers, ages 0-5. They are usually made… Continue reading The Case for Story Dummies


Why Your Picture Book Needs An Antagonist

Most people think of picture books as cute and cuddly with elements of teach-ability. But every good picture book has a villain. I can tell you don't believe me... Let's talk it out. The types of villains in picture books are often not your standard looking villain. Why? Because we are telling a story to… Continue reading Why Your Picture Book Needs An Antagonist


Writing Resources for Kid Lit

I've been writing kids stories going on four years now and I've complied a list of all my favorite resources. Things that go back to over and over again. I hope sharing will help you on your writing journey as well. Inspiration: Anything can inspire you for your next story. Watch around you for those… Continue reading Writing Resources for Kid Lit


Crickets, Feedback, and Moving Forward

I've submitted my stories so many places and rarely do I hear more than crickets stuffed inside form rejection letters. The crickets are a bit annoyed but not harmed in the making of this blog post. So you'll understand my delight when a recent rejection returned with feedback! Say what?! Insert happy dance in the… Continue reading Crickets, Feedback, and Moving Forward


5 Publishers of Kid Lit, No Agent Required

I have a few small stories I've been attempting to sell through the magazine market. Let's be real though kid lit magazines are few and far between. Once you've checked word counts against what you've written the pickings get even slimmer. So next thought was to go through an agent but unless you're an author/illustrator most agents… Continue reading 5 Publishers of Kid Lit, No Agent Required


Jumbo Easter Eggs DIY

We've all done the school time paper mache on balloons right? It's so old fashioned I think most of us just skip over it at a DIY project, that and it's a big mess when you do it with kids. But here's a fresh take on the idea: Jumbo (any size you want really) Easter… Continue reading Jumbo Easter Eggs DIY

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10 Steps for Working with an Illustrator

Maybe your story is like mine. You’ve submitted a children’s book to several publishers without pictures and have had no response. Lets be real can a picture book really make an impact without pictures? Maybe… Maybe not… So after reading through the Children’s Writers Market I’ve decided to try again, except with the pictures included.… Continue reading 10 Steps for Working with an Illustrator