Different Types Of Critique

I’ve been taking a writing course for picture books and something has become abundantly clear, there are different types of critiques. Within a group of writers and authors I’m looking for specific feedback regarding plot, pacing, character, sentence structure etc. All the things that writers have learned to improve craft through the editing process. That’s […]

Scene by Scene

After working on nearly a dozen picture books over the last year I want to go back into a longer story. I dusted off one I had a good start to (I’ve talked about before) and dove in. While I know first drafts are not worth sharing I couldn’t help myself and let a few read […]

A Bow to Editing Services

If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you’ll have noticed that grammar rules and spelling are not in something I hold in spades. In fact, I’m down right atrocious. I do try but grammar and spelling are a constant struggle for me. Which is why I’ve decided to take the next […]

Map Progression

A few weeks ago I talked about using maps as a way to figure out plot. As I explore this process I want to go a little deeper with maps. Just like the story itself my maps tend to take a few drafts. My map evolves with my story, plot, and characters. It matters because […]