The Art of the [Art Note: …]

I'm a fairly traditional writer. So making the transition into picture books has been difficult. Not because my writing is bad but because picture books are more than just the words. In picture books I have to leave room for art. You can check out another post on book structure HERE. When I say I'm leaving… Continue reading The Art of the [Art Note: …]


Different Types Of Critique

I've been taking a writing course for picture books and something has become abundantly clear, there are different types of critiques. Within a group of writers and authors I'm looking for specific feedback regarding plot, pacing, character, sentence structure etc. All the things that writers have learned to improve craft through the editing process. That's… Continue reading Different Types Of Critique


Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge

I'm fairly competitive and I also like teammates. So how's about a friendly challenge? For those of us writing picture books we have ideas floating around to infinity is seems, see last weeks post for more on that. So it hit me to put my ideas into a challenge. There are many ways to format… Continue reading Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge


Picture Books and Other Tough Things

It has recently occurred to me, the more stories I write the less and less adult they seem, or maybe it's my toddlers speaking through me. Either way it's a tough business. There are only a handful of children's magazines available to submit to and fewer still big publishers that want to look at your… Continue reading Picture Books and Other Tough Things


Framed Toddler-isms DIY

Our little town has a mild obsession with thrift stores. I'm beginning to think it's the same half a dozen people swapping junk back and forth. Regardless, I still check them and occasionally I find a little gem that I want to work with. So for a quarter I picked up this sad looking picture… Continue reading Framed Toddler-isms DIY