Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge

I’m fairly competitive and I also like teammates. So how’s about a friendly challenge? For those of us writing picture books we have ideas floating around to infinity is seems, see last weeks post for more on that. So it hit me to put my ideas into a challenge.

There are many ways to format picture books and I’m going to list seven. I’m challenging myself, and you, to draft seven picture books in seven weeks. You can use ideas you have to if need be, but let’s write seven fully new stories. One a week. 

Will you do the sweet seven with me?

I’m going to leave these vague on purpose. I want your creativity to rise to the challenge.

1. Calendar Cycles- Explore the days of the week, months, or years in a fun and unique way.
Example: I.Q. Goes to the Library by Fraser

2. A Journey-  Reach a destination or come to a completion, sometimes emotionally.
Example: Owen And Mzee by Hatkoff

3. Circular Form- Journey to and return back, usually has the same phrase at beginning and end bringing the story full circle.
Example: Ox-Cart Man by Hall

4. Alphabet- Use the alphabet to tell a story (no cheating!).
Example: B is for Bulldozer by Sobel

5. Counting- Again, this must tell a story and give the concept of counting in some form.
Example: Count to 10 With A Mouse by Brown

6. Repetitive Phrases– Going for rhythm, lyrical, and poetry here (you can do it!).
Example: Guess How Much I Love You by McBratney

7. Seasons- Use seasons to bring a story to life, either all four or singularly as a main plot point. This doesn’t mean your story is set in spring, your story must be about spring.
Example: Come On, Rain! by Hesse

There are defiantly other categories of picture books, more than I can name here. However these are general enough where you can bring your own pizzazz to the party.

I hope to see you all in seven weeks with your own pile of picture books to edit. Comment below if you are doing the challenge with me. Routing for you!

Happy Questing!

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