2020 Writing Challenge

I'm so blessed to have a few local writing friends. They keep me honest when it comes to the amount of work I'm actually getting done, ahm, or not getting done. One of them called me out. "You're not writing enough."                             … Continue reading 2020 Writing Challenge

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A Nontraditional Tradition

So my family discovered escape rooms a few years ago and let's just say we are a bit addicted. When we take a vacation we check if there are escape rooms in the area before we go. It's become a thing. Last Christmas I was thrown the challenge of, "Hey, you're good at puzzles and… Continue reading A Nontraditional Tradition


Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge

I'm fairly competitive and I also like teammates. So how's about a friendly challenge? For those of us writing picture books we have ideas floating around to infinity is seems, see last weeks post for more on that. So it hit me to put my ideas into a challenge. There are many ways to format… Continue reading Sweet Seven: A Picture Book Challenge

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Life #goals

Last week I shared a post about why we want to quit and talked about how important it is to flip the question and instead think about why we are doing whatever it is we're doing in the first place. I talked about goals a bit and I want to develop the idea that goals… Continue reading Life #goals

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Get your creativity flowing again

When your creativity flows more like a slow trickle instead of a gushing waterfall, it’s time to rest. I could be poetic and say something like… Creativity is an ever-flowing waterfall. Whether it’s trickling or gushing, it’s always running. Until it stops... But I’m too tired for that right now. I’ve been working A LOT… Continue reading Get your creativity flowing again