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The Good, The Bad, & The Changes

I've had the opportunity through my amazing agency Golden Wheat Literary to be working through a marketing series. The goal is to get a better grasp on our audience and make our efforts line up across our platforms. While it sounds like a less than fun experience I've actually had a realization this week. I… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, & The Changes


Why Snow is Like Story

I'm sitting at my desk on a cold February day and it hits me how much stories and snow have in common. If you'll indulge my little analogy, here's why I think so. At the start, small flakes are falling in a quiet tumble. Little whispers of plot are coming out of the sky and… Continue reading Why Snow is Like Story


2020 Writing Challenge

I'm so blessed to have a few local writing friends. They keep me honest when it comes to the amount of work I'm actually getting done, ahm, or not getting done. One of them called me out. "You're not writing enough."                             … Continue reading 2020 Writing Challenge

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10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With

Oftentimes someone has said what I wish to say far more eloquently than I ever could. So today I'm going to let others way in on reading. I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do. I'm also going to take Bill's advice as the weather is dreary to a fault. So cheers… Continue reading 10 Reading Quotes to Fall In Love With


How to Write During the Holidays

I've come to realize the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are somewhat of a twilight zone for writing. It seems like either it all gets written or none of it does. So how do you fit in a routine when life's routine is out the window? The short answer is, I don't know. The long… Continue reading How to Write During the Holidays


Lend Me Your Ear: Podcasts for Writers

Having a toddler I've found my time to actually read has dwindled to nothing and it's so frustrating. What I have found time for however is audio, while writing, while cooking, and any other feasible time I can squeak in 30-ish minutes. Not only have I found podcasts that offer helpful advise but also to… Continue reading Lend Me Your Ear: Podcasts for Writers

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Bookshelf Transformation

Too many books are squirreled away in the crevasses of my home. It's high time they had a place of there own. Not just a shelf- a space- a bookspace (it should be a word!). I've picked my biggest living room wall (nearly 20 feet) and a contractor. I saved up my dimes after getting… Continue reading Bookshelf Transformation

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PokémonGo and Writing: An Encouraging Comparison

To those of you who think PokémonGo is a joke. You are entitled to your opinion but for many it brings joy and fun to a bleak world right now. It's a rally against the things tearing us apart by bringing people together at parks, churches, and street sides. So to my special group of… Continue reading PokémonGo and Writing: An Encouraging Comparison