Lend Me Your Ear: Podcasts for Writers

Having a toddler I’ve found my time to actually read has dwindled to nothing and it’s so frustrating. What I have found time for however is audio, while writing, while cooking, and any other feasible time I can squeak in 30-ish minutes.

Not only have I found podcasts that offer helpful advise but also to feed your creative side. Here’s my rotation that keeps me satisfied on a weekly basis.

Print Run Podcast– Relatively new, this podcast features two agents who talk publishing, books, and occasionally go at it. Episodes run about 60 minutes each.

The Yarn– Podcast on stories and writing. Episodes are short 10-20 minutes each.

Between the Covers- A radio podcast featuring author interviews across fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Episodes run around 60 minutes each.

I Should Be Writing- Mainly interviews about writing and crafting stories. Episodes run random between 30-60 minutes each.

Hello From the Magic Tavern- Get lost in the Land of Foon with Arnie. This is wonderfully scripted, hilarious podcast from a fictional world interviewing it’s strange inhabitants. Episodes run about an hour each.

TED Talks: Informational and inspiring these can run so many topics from creativity to robots but almost always worth a listen. Lengths vary.

The Paper Wings Podcast- Geared toward the illustration side of the book market this is a great listen for those trying to hit the author/artist segment of books. Episodes run about 30 minutes each.

Stories Unbounded- A focus on the kid lit market they cover topics from publishing, ideas, animation, and writing as a career. Each episode comes with handy story notes so you can go back and grab any information you may have missed. Episodes last about 60 minutes.

Yay for ear candy! If you have any other creativity or writing based podcasts I haven’t mentioned I’d love to add a few new to my list. Please comment below!

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