In the book world R&R means revise and resubmit. Which I will talk about another day. Because in my world this week R&R means rest and recovery.

There is value in rest. My family of four got hit by the flu hard this week and I’m still trying to clean up the mess while nursing hurting tummies and fevers. Thank you for your patience.

So three cheers for some R&R and I’ll see you soon.

Happy Questing!

A Chilling Tale

Being so near to Halloween I’ve had scary thoughts floating around in my head. So when Brandon Ide contacted me about doing a photo story together I couldn’t resist. You can check out The Ides Photography Blog and see his amazing photos for yourself. Brandon’s photo of The Auction House Cafe inspired the following tale. […]

Flipping Cliches

We’ve all done it, see there I just did. I used a cliche. A common phrase or string of words that most folks like us understand. it’s good to be understood.  The problem is, cliches are boring. So let’s take some examples and flip them. What we are hoping to do is convey the same […]

Scene by Scene

After working on nearly a dozen picture books over the last year I want to go back into a longer story. I dusted off one I had a good start to (I’ve talked about before) and dove in. While I know first drafts are not worth sharing I couldn’t help myself and let a few read […]