#SpringFling Contest

Had to take a creative moment and enter the fun and exciting #SpringFling contest!

So here’s my entry! If you want in on this fun check out the directions HERE.

chocolate gif2.gif

I blame Cupid for my love affair.

That chunky baby is not new to sweets. I’m certain as he drew up his bow it swiveled through his personal chocolate fountain before flying through the air, hitting me square in the gut.

I’m hooked on chocolate. I crave it. I pine for it night and day.


I blame Cupid for for my love affair.

Cupid is hitting guts everywhere. He’s is an anti-diet jerk and it’s time to get even.

I’ve taken the time to mail him my valentine; Hundreds of times over in the last week or two.


I blame Cupid for my love affair.

Now that chubby cherubim is so full of sweets his wings can not lift him.

Serves him right for ruining my diet over and over. Now he’ll know the sting of diet’s full force.

Next time he’ll take care to keep his arrows on course.


Happy Questing!

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