Writer Resources- My Go To List

We all have places online we have stumbled upon and cling to on a daily or weekly basis. These are people we look up to and are eager to learn from.

My list represents industry professionals that drop gems of information every week. All you have to do it come pick them up. Not 100% of everything is awesome but I’d say 85% of the time its well worth your time. This is a collection of websites, books, publishers, agents, editors, and other writers that I subscribe to and read on a weekly basis. My writing has improved and my industry knowledge has skyrocketed.

Blogs & Newsletters

  • Bookmarks by Maria Vicente- a leading agent and in touch with all things agent-y and publish-y. Also gives fun quotes to think on for the week.
  • Authors Publish Magazine– online format provides information on new markets and places to submit both long and short works.
  • Captain (Query) Hook– An editor and in touch with all things revisions. A great place to start your revisions, all with a positive spin.
  • Eve Messenger– A writer and self proclaimed bookie. She offers a look into the fantasy side of writing and the challenges writers face.

Social Media

  • Twitter– If you aren’t on this you are missing out. My account is new and I started by following every agent I’d queried. It’s fascinating all the advice, info, and progress they post. Sure there is plenty of book advertising but it’s worth sifting through to find little nuggets of knowledge.
  • Pitch Events– This is Twitter exclusive. Agents, editors, and publishers will hover around a specific hashtag (#kidpit #adpit #p2p) on a certain day and you as a writer get to directly pitch your book to them using the tag. If you get a heart you send that person your work according to their request. That easy to jump the que line and find someone who likes your story.


  • These are some books I keep on my desk. I reference them. I re-read them. I mark them up with pens, highlighters, and bookmarks. My little writing reference area.
    • On Writing by Stephen King
    • The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler
    • The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
    • Sin and Syntax by Constance Hale


  • Word Press– Great for hosting your blog or website. And it’s FREE or you can upgrade depending on what you need. Pre-optimized with SEO to boot!
  • Query Tracker– If you are mid-query this is a great way to stay organized. If you are pre-query this will help you find agents who like your genre. I upgraded for a yearly $25 and would do it again in a snap. Beyond helpful! Try it for FREE.
  • Manuscript Wish List– Perfect again if you are seeking an agent. This site gives you everything you need to find ‘the one.’

I hope this list was helpful to you. It’s taken me over a year to stumble onto all these gems so check them out! If you like what you are reading please take the time to subscribe it makes my heart smile knowing there are others learning just like me. Happy writing!



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