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Pom Pom Maker Product Review

I LOVE making pom poms! I found these cute Pom Pom Makers on Amazon and decided to give them a try.   I usually make my pom poms with just cardboard or a fork. I bought these because I wanted to get really fluffy and consistent shaped pom poms for my next DIY project. Below is my how to use these pom pom makers and my review of the actual product.

How To:

First step is to pick out the size that you want I started with the smallest one. The small blue one is my favorite sized pom pom because you can use them for a lot of things and it uses the least amount of yarn and is the quickest to make.

Start by opening up the sides by rotating the two blue sections out away from the middle.  Now you can wrap as much yarn as you can fit around the blue sections. To get a super fluffy pom pom you will want to fill that half circle all the way up as pictured below.


Snip the yarn when its full and fold back into the center.  Now you can do the same to the other side.

pom pom 4.jpg

The next step is to cut the middle of the yarn in between the blue arms.  It helps to have super sharp small scissors to do this, in fact its almost impossible with big dull scissors.  Use the groove in-between the blue arms to guide your scissors. Make sure to cut all the way through. Do this to both sides.

Be careful not to rotate the arms out at all because this will cause the cut yarn to fall out. The arms stay pretty secure I haven’t had an issue with them swinging out while cutting you just have to be gentle and you wont have a problem.

pom pom 5.jpgpom pom 6.jpgpom pom 7.jpg

Cut a 8 inch piece of yarn, you will use this to tie off the center.  Wrap the yarn in between the blue arms all the way to the center and double knot to create your pom pom.  Make sure your knot is tight and secure, this is what holds it all together so its really important to get it knotted right.

Rotate the arms out and pull the Pom Pom Maker from the center to pop it in half.


You officially made your pom pom! Make sure to trim up any pieces that stick out and you should be all set to use it!  I thought with these there would be a lot less trimming if any but sometimes depending on how I wrapped it there will be some uneven spots. Its nice to have extra length on the piece that you used to knot the pom pom so you can secure them to whatever project you are doing.



Overall these pom pom makers work great.  I purchased mine on amazon I will post the link at the bottom of the page.  I’m sure you can find these in craft stores too for a reasonable price.  These are definitely not necessary but they are something that creates beautiful full pom poms.

The set came with four different sizes but I doubt I will use the biggest size.  It makes pom poms about the size of a softball and I cant really think of a way(YET!) to use a pom pom that size.  It also takes a LONG time to make one of the big sizes and it uses a ton of yarn.  The two smaller sizes I think are perfect for projects.

Happy Crafting!

 4 Sizes Pompom Pom-pom Maker for Fluff Ball Weaver Needle Craft DIY Wool Knitting Craft Tool Set Decoration By Knewmart


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