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5 Easy Pom Pom DIY’s

Last week I shared with you a review on the Pom Pom Makers that I bought.  This week I wanted to give you 5 Ideas to use on all of the pom poms you made with your new pom pom makers!

1. Key Chainkeychain.jpg

Key chains are fun to make.  You can use beads, pom poms, tassels, anything you want to create a fun key chain!

2. Hair tie or Bracelethairtie.jpg

This is one of the easiest pom pom DIY’s all you have to do is tie a knot and you are good to go.  It works well with hair ties or you can braid string to make a bracelet and add the pom pom to it.

3. Bookmarkbookmark.jpgbookmark2.jpg

Okay maybe I lied, this one is THE EASIEST! All you have to do is make the pom pom and leave the middle string that you knot long, and you have yourself a quirky fun DIY bookmark!

4. Paper clippompomclipdiy.jpgpompomclip.jpg

For this DIY all that you have to do is tie the pom pom strings to the end of any paper clip. I found these adorable cactus paper clips at target and they work perfect for this simple DIY.

5. Napkin Ringsnapkin ring 8.jpg

This DIY is super fun and simple check out my previous post on it, to learn how I made it.

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