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Lettering on White Pumpkins

It is time to decorate for fall! Pumpkins are the perfect way to make your front porch look amazing.  I picked out a white pumpkin to do some lettering on for the fall season and I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks I found along the way.


  • Light colored Marker (I used yellow)
  • White Pumpkin
  • Metallic Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towel and cleaner

The first thing I did was clean the pumpkin, make sure not to skip this step.  This gives you a clean surface to paint on, its already hard enough to paint on something not flat.  Do your self a favor and make sure its nice and clean before you start drawing. Next I sketched out my idea on the pumpkin, I used a light yellow marker, because it will wash off after the paint is dry and will not interfere with my lettering.

White pumpkin

You could also use a pen but I am not sure it will come off as easy as a marker.

Tip: you can print words off of your computer that you like and then stencil it onto the pumpkin to give a clean professional look.

After I had it all sketched out I took my paint brush and started painting with the gold paint.

Gold Paint

You can use any type of paint or even a permanent marker if you would rather use a marker.

Tip: use a permanent or paint marker to create your lettering, it will be easier to use on the round surface of the pumpkin.

Let your paint dry and you are finished! The end product adds a little bit of personality to your front porch!

finished pumpkin

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