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Writing in the Cracks of Life

Lets be real. If you love something you find time for it. The less effort it takes the better.

That’s why it’s easy to find ourselves parked in front of the tube binge watching (insert guilty pleasure here). We love to get lost in a different world other than our own. Creative passions can be the same way. Whether it’s reading, writing, crafting, woodworking, scrapbooking, knitting, you name it, when you do these things time and life melt away around you like butter into a bucket of popcorn.

So how do you get time for these things? More importantly how do you do them on a regular basis, as in 3-5 times a week.

You don’t get time. You make time.

I have no secret popcorn cheese for this. You just do. For me, the busier I become the more I want to fight for the time to write. I write when my toddler naps. I write when my toddler goes to bed. I write when everyone is still asleep in the morning. If I can string a sentence together with any form of cohesion I do it.

In other moments, when I have life to manage simultaneously, I research. I read blogs while my toddler colors. I tweet with agents while making dinner. I follow up on blog comments while in the bathroom (TMI- I know).

Not 100% of the time though.

There is a measure of grace to this. Some mornings I just can’t- I sit in front of my laptop and stare until my head hits the keys. Some nights I can’t think straight and words won’t come. Some nap times I too take a nap. It’s Okay!

Just make sure you are creating more often than crashing.

You can fit your creative passion into the cracks of life. In fact, you’ll get good at it. You’ll carve out a crack of time and when someone asks to do something during ‘your time’ please say no.

Say no, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Your creative passion is valid! Give it the respect it deserves. There are few things in life that can infuse joy, passion, excitement, and fullness in the way creativity can. Protect the cracks of time you get and slowly work the cracks wider into gaps of times. So grab that buttery bucket of creativity and go for it. Don’t let it go, not today or tomorrow or the next day.

What are the crazy cracks of time you’ve found?

Happy Questing



8 thoughts on “Writing in the Cracks of Life”

  1. I totally understand this post. It seems that sometimes I’m only able to work for five minutes at a time, which makes me feel like I’m not getting a lot done. Thanks for the encouragement!

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