Revising Grief

Nothing kills my creativity faster than grief. It's like my mind gets tunnel vision and my whole demeanor is sad. I try to find the creative pieces in every part of life but in these moments I can't. So I look elsewhere for comfort. I usually start with my Bible and that helps the healing… Continue reading Revising Grief

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I’m Not an Island

I'm a fairly prolific writer. I get ideas fast and can follow through quickly. That's my normal. To my peers it looks effortless, like I'm a creative island unto myself. I assure you it's not easy nor as secluded as it seems. It's a carefully tuned balance in a multifaceted creative life. Currently, I'm not… Continue reading I’m Not an Island


The Well of Creativity

I've been working on being creative for pretty much my whole life. In grade school I was "crafty." In high school I was "weird." Today I'm actually viewed as somewhat "cool." Not sure how that happened... Mostly I'm thankful that I didn't listen to those voices earlier in my life. My parents kept buying me… Continue reading The Well of Creativity


Using Maps for Plotting

I have great writing friend who is brilliant with characters. Whereas my skills lie in the plot. We could learn a lot from one another. We tried the other day and came up with a functional medium, we hope. Here goes, if you start with characters or with plot try this tactic and see if… Continue reading Using Maps for Plotting

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Letting Go of Perfect

Some days I'm convinced perfectionism is a shape shifter. As I edit my drafts and continue down this writing path I get more and more 'finished' projects. At least I think they are finished, till I read them again a week or two later. What happened to my perfect project? Why do I hate the… Continue reading Letting Go of Perfect

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Get your creativity flowing again

When your creativity flows more like a slow trickle instead of a gushing waterfall, it’s time to rest. I could be poetic and say something like… Creativity is an ever-flowing waterfall. Whether it’s trickling or gushing, it’s always running. Until it stops... But I’m too tired for that right now. I’ve been working A LOT… Continue reading Get your creativity flowing again


Rooted in Non-Fiction

If you remember third grade science you know most growing things have roots. When it comes to your blooming creativity it too is rooted in something. That something is your experiences, conversations, and head knowledge. The best place for more head knowledge is the non-fiction section at your bookstore, library, or computer screen. I hear… Continue reading Rooted in Non-Fiction


Creative Techniques for Writers

Hi I'm Hannah and I'm a doodler... and I love it. To get things going for a new project there is nothing more refreshing than a few blank pages of paper and a gel pen. I've been working out my plans for a new book and filling pages of mind maps, bubble charts, timelines and… Continue reading Creative Techniques for Writers


100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging

While our combined Quest Type posts are topping over 250, this post will officially be my 100th. Part of me is so excited to still be doing this and another part of me thinks I maybe type too much. Regardless, I hope you are getting as much out of these posts as I am. But… Continue reading 100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging

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Writing in the Cracks of Life

Lets be real. If you love something you find time for it. The less effort it takes the better. That's why it's easy to find ourselves parked in front of the tube binge watching (insert guilty pleasure here). We love to get lost in a different world other than our own. Creative passions can be… Continue reading Writing in the Cracks of Life