Different Types Of Critique

I’ve been taking a writing course for picture books and something has become abundantly clear, there are different types of critiques. Within a group of writers and authors I’m looking for specific feedback regarding plot, pacing, character, sentence structure etc. All the things that writers have learned to improve craft through the editing process. That’s […]

NaNoWriMo Halftime Takeaways

So you’ve decided to try to write your novel this month like so many hopefuls out there. Whether you are on track, behind or ahead of the pace, congratulate yourself on getting words down! You’ve already won by simply beginning.

If you are like me you’ve already hit a few snags in your story. It’s hard not to let it get you down.

So here are a few tips to get you through the rest of the month:

Don’t stress about your word count. Stress is a creativity and productivity crusher so don’t even go there. Write what you can every day without apology.

Avoid line edits like the plague. You can go back later and do all the editing you want, no time for it right now.

Schedule your writing time. At times I feel slave to my calendar but to get around it I schedule in my fun time, my writing time, even do nothing time. Make your calendar work for you not the other way around.

Reach out to others in the community. Writing can be a lonely task but it doesn’t have to be. Reach out to the NaNoWriMo community and find likeminded writers on Twitter. You could even visit a local writers group to get plugged in.

-Plan on getting behind. Life is real and it’s really hard sometimes. Don’t panic! Just plan on a few catch up days throughout the month. I try to block out a few extra hours once or twice a week to account for life.

-Remember snacks. Or whatever it takes for you to have good self care. Don’t forget you are still a person who needs food and sleep (well sorta).

Rewards are awesome-sauce. Make mini goals and when you hit them reward yourself. Chocolate works great for me. Or for you it may be a game of mini-golf or a trip to the beach. Go for it!

All of these items are getting at the main goal of staying positive throughout the month.

You can do this. Your story is worth telling. Keep writing!

Happy Questing!