How to Research Agents

You’ve written your book, polished it, and gone through rounds of editing. It’s time to send your story out into the world to see if you can get an agent. But who do you send your story to? How do you choose?


I’ve talked before about what not to say to an agent. I’ve talked about query letter experience. But choosing which agents to send takes research. Here are the places to look and why.

  • Manuscript Wish ListA writers resource on several fronts, offers consultations and even a fantastic podcast. Search potential agents by genre to understand agent preferences.
  • Publisher’s Marketplace- The listing of book sales for agents and agencies. Check to see the track record and if your book might fit in.
  • Twitter Raw and real, Twitter will let you see a snippet of agent life. Sometimes agents will even post to the #MSWL hashtag with specific book requests. While you’re there follow me if you want.
  • Agency Websites- ALWAYS. Always. Always. Check here to see if the agent is open for submissions and their submission preferences. Follow the directions. You are not an exception.
  • Absolute Write- Keeping tabs on relevant agent news. If there’s a problem with an agent you will find more about it here.

If you know more places feel free to add a comment!

The point is there are folks out there that can scam you. Be careful. Do your research. Ask around to clients under the agent if you aren’t sure. Most people are kind and helpful and it’s what I love about the writing community.

Happy Questing!

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