No Time like Query Time

So I’m midstream in waiting to hear back from two dozen queries. What’s a girl to do?

Here are some thoughts on moving forward while you wait.

  • Don’t lose your writing habits. Many of us sit at our computers hitting refresh on our inbox every 30 seconds. Don’t let your writing time and habits fall out of use. You’ve worked hard to carve out this time. Keep at it, start your sequel or something totally different.
  • Get social. No I don’t mean social media. Get out of the house! Do something. Catch up with friends. Yes, you can take your phone, but try not to check it the whole time.
  • Catch up on blogging. I’m getting things scheduled out for a month (or two). It keeps me writing and I feel a sense of accomplishment that is lacking in other writing currently.
  • Look up inspirational quotes. Don’t lose hope. Your hard work will pay off eventually. Here’s a great set of quotes to get you started.
  • Exercise. It may sound dreadful but it stimulates your body and mind.
  • Do some research. This may seem odd but this is how inspiration tends to find me. When I fill my mind with new facts and interesting tidbits my mind cooks it up into something interesting. Who knows you may have your next book idea.
  • Critique someone else’s work. This gets your mind off your own book and all the days going by. Added bonus of sharpening your own editing skills in the process.
  • READ. I’d hope this one would be obvious. But you’ve got that massive pile of books you haven’t had time for. Dig in. You deserve a reading vacation.
  • Enter a few contests. Check on Twitter especially for pitch matches, editing giveaways, and manuscript wish lists (#P2P #PitchMadness #MSWL). You may catch an agent’s eye and at the very least you will make new friends in the process. There is something encouraging when you know you aren’t alone with waiting.

Remember, no news does not always mean bad news!

Some agents have ‘look again’ folders for later when they have a clear mind. If your query is good enough to not get an immediate rejection then you are on to something! Don’t give up.

Catch up on blog posts- check. Now I think I’ll go read for a bit. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Where are you at with your queries? How do you cope with the waiting game?

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