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Exploring the Jungle

Going into nature is something that can restore my soul like nothing else. On this day we left the tourism far behind and ventured out on our own to the Rio Turrubares. We stopped where the local river bridge had washed out by the rains, not wanting to drive through the river with our vehicle. We accessed the jungle using the river as our path, letting the cool mountain waters refreshed us from the extreme heat and humidity.

Walking into a jungle with out a machete is not wise and before we ventured in we quickly made some bamboo jungle sticks, just in case. The absolute beauty of the river valley surrounded by the mountains, the jungle sounds that pierce through the air and the thrill of the unknown made my heart sing.

Travel Tips: Snakes, midges, chiggers, mosquitos, and ticks were the most dangerous creatures we encountered on this day. So be prepared with insect repellants to ward off Dengue Fever and other blood born illnesses. Always check the river depth before crossing through waters with a vehicle. Bring your own clean drinking water, toilet paper, and sun protection. Carry a machete into the jungle. Remember Costa Rica does not promote killing or hunting of any kind. Happy travels.



10 thoughts on “Exploring the Jungle”

    1. It was something that came from under a rock in the river. We were looking for fresh water shrimp to cook up and eat. We found a few to enjoy, but this insect went back to live another day! Thanks for reading my blog. I hope one day you too can visit Costa Rica! Pura Vida!

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  1. This was the day I went to go “fishing” up the river, there was a broken down tree that went all the way across, so naturally I thought to myself “I want to sit on that tree and fish down into the river.” on my way to get up onto the tree I tripped over some old barbed wire that was deep into the sand, cutting my leg all the way up on one side. I thought to myself “I’ll be ok, I just need to get back people.” I started walking back, it was probably 100 degrees F outside, with humidity. I wanted to make the trip shorter, but walking across the river, half way to the other side I thought to myself, “I probably shouldn’t be going through the water with an open caught in Central America.” I called to my dad, panicked, and started moving faster. I could tell I was very dehydrated, and felt like I was about to faint. A few feet from the car I see our friend, John, he takes one look at me and knows I’m going down, I started to try and tell him that I was going to faint, then he ran towards me and caught me before I fell onto the rocks. I don’t really want to go into my experience when I fainted, I try to forget how that feels.
    I woke up to my dad, uncle, and John standing above me telling me everything was ok.

    That was on the return of the picture shown above when I’m walking away with my spear, very intense day!!

    Miss that river so much ❤

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  2. It was! It was a crisp clean mountain river and every step was an amazing adventure with things I have never seen before as I am from Michigan. I relished it! Hope you can one day have a similar adventure and come to Costa Rica. Thanks for reading my blog.

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