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What NOT to ask at a Writing Conference

I've been to a fair number of writing conferences over the years. There is nearly always open question time for a presenter or two. There is also always those one or two people that take over the time. They ask things like, "How do I get an agent?" or "How do I write a query… Continue reading What NOT to ask at a Writing Conference

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The big move and why it matters

My husband and I recently packed up our furniture, dogs, and belongings, and moved to a little tourist town three hours north of where we both grew up. Why? To pursue new opportunities. Everything has fallen in place for this change. My husband got a new job and we got a house to rent within… Continue reading The big move and why it matters

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What I learned while working in a temporary restaurant

When I first learned that my husband and I were going to work on a food truck for a week, I was excited. I had visions of my husband and I working in a cute, little food truck, deep frying foods and handing out overpriced fountain drinks in large cups. Boy, was I wrong. First… Continue reading What I learned while working in a temporary restaurant

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My journey to working remotely

When I first started my search for a remote job, it was out of desperation. I needed to find a new job (for reasons mentioned in this blog post). I applied to so many jobs. Full-time and part-time. In Michigan and outside of the state. I just wanted something. Anything. I had phone interviews galore,… Continue reading My journey to working remotely

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River Arts District, Asheville NC

If you have never visited Asheville, you need to, it is a beautiful place to visit! Its filled with stunning views, tasty food and awesome shops. On our trip to Asheville we decided to visit the River Arts District.  Its an area of industrial and historical buildings that run along the river that is full… Continue reading River Arts District, Asheville NC

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Traveling to Oak Island, NC

I visited Oak Island this past weekend and I wanted to share with you some of the photos I gathered along the way. Where we were staying in Oak Island was south facing so we were able to see the sunrise and the sunset on the ocean! Sunrise Sunset There is also a lighthouse on… Continue reading Traveling to Oak Island, NC

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5 Things To Do In Charleston SC

I recently visited Charleston and we had such a great time, I wanted to share some fun things to do if you are ever in the area. Patriots Point Patriots point was one of our favorite parts of our visit.  There is so much history there.  You get to tour a aircraft carrier, submarine, Destroyer,… Continue reading 5 Things To Do In Charleston SC

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Hiking Catawba Mountain

Recently I hiked up Catawba mountain in Virginia with family and it was amazing!  This is our second time hiking it so we felt more prepared for the hike this time around.  All together its an 8.8 mile hike on the Appalachian trail up to McAfee Knob in Virginia.  Its one of the most photographed… Continue reading Hiking Catawba Mountain

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Visiting Duke Gardens

Every time someone visits I try to make sure to take them to Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina.  It's free admission and parking is very cheap or free at certain hours.  If you are ever in the triangle during spring time you should visit the gardens. Check out my photos below of my trip.… Continue reading Visiting Duke Gardens

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Tassel Sun Hat DIY

I love sun hats for gardening, the beach, even driving. The problem is the cute ones are so expensive and don't always match what I already own. So here's a fun DIY to customize your own sun hat from the dollar store, enjoy! Supplies: Scissors- already owned Sun hat- Dollar Tree $1 Favorite color of… Continue reading Tassel Sun Hat DIY

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A Rocky Beach In Winter

One of my favorite places to visit as a child, a beach full of the prettiest rocks any kid could dream of. With a steep sand hill plunging 100 feet down to the water's edge this small section juts out into Lake Michigan causing rocks to wash up from the fathoms below. Just three feet… Continue reading A Rocky Beach In Winter

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Turn your Winter Blues GREEN with this photo blog from the Tropics

  A Tropical Plant Tour-The rain forest of Costa Rica I'm stuck in the frigid north this winter, that's not a bad thing, but sometimes I need to lift my spirit. Listening to uplifting music, going outside and decorating with items that simulate spring time are a big help. I like cold, but I also… Continue reading Turn your Winter Blues GREEN with this photo blog from the Tropics

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Runaround America-A North Carolina Detour

Meeting interesting people is one of the things I love about back roads America. People can be interesting in different ways. On this day, while driving down Gerton Highway US74A we came to the little mountain community of Gerton at the base of BearWallow Mountain. To our surprise, nestled in the side of the mountain was… Continue reading Runaround America-A North Carolina Detour


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula-A Photo tour

A Wild wilderness waiting to be explored! Oh, yes I love Michigan. Going to the UP, as we call it here in the lower peninsula is an unique experience for all who love nature. There are pristine shorelines, numerous light houses, quaint villages and shops. The largest cities are spread out across the upper peninsula with… Continue reading Michigan’s Upper Peninsula-A Photo tour

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Haunted Rooms-The Jewel of Kalamazoo

Visiting Henderson Castle Although this might be a good place to meet entities, the reason I traveled to SouthWest Michigan to tour Henderson Castle wasn't to come face to face with the castles favorite ghosts. They boast of 5 deaths over time inside the castle and pride themselves as a paranormal hot spot with the property situated across… Continue reading Haunted Rooms-The Jewel of Kalamazoo

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Flower Farm a Final Season

As we pulled up to the u-pick flower farm the stillness of the jeweled field of flowers was so calming. Alone except for the beetles, bees, and turkeys on the hedgerow. We helped ourselves to some snips and a basket, trekking through the morning dew and muddy lanes to find perfect stems. My toddler chases… Continue reading Flower Farm a Final Season

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Ancient Faces: A Photo Collection

Scrolling through photos from Rome, it became clear I'd seen a lot of old faces. Faces that had seen far more than myself. If only they could talk. What would they say to us? Here they are, I'll let you decide what words they have to say.  And with the morn those angel faces smile… Continue reading Ancient Faces: A Photo Collection

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Times OLD Roman

Ancient script brings a whole new level to the term hand lettering. These letters are literally chiseled out of marble and still around today. Talk about longevity of work. Traveling around Rome I took pictures of as many samples of ancient text I could find. Here are a few from the coliseum, forum, museums, and… Continue reading Times OLD Roman

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Granny’s Garden: Extra Cash & Passion Collide

When you've spent your life growing and living off the land there is no turning back. Even when the fields are rented out to someone with more energy you still want to grow things. You grow what you want to eat, sell the excess, and use the extra cash to buy another type of Iris. At… Continue reading Granny’s Garden: Extra Cash & Passion Collide


A Week in Rome

We arrived in Rome early afternoon, dropped our bags off, and shuttled into the city center with excitement weaving through our veins like the Vespa's through traffic. Lost within steps and oddly unconcerned about it, as every twist revealed new wonders. Our drop off point was next to the river Themes and little did we… Continue reading A Week in Rome