Tassel Sun Hat DIY

I love sun hats for gardening, the beach, even driving. The problem is the cute ones are so expensive and don’t always match what I already own. So here’s a fun DIY to customize your own sun hat from the dollar store, enjoy! Supplies: Scissors- already owned Sun hat- Dollar Tree $1 Favorite color of […]

A Rocky Beach In Winter

One of my favorite places to visit as a child, a beach full of the prettiest rocks any kid could dream of. With a steep sand hill plunging 100 feet down to the water’s edge this small section juts out into Lake Michigan causing rocks to wash up from the fathoms below.

Just three feet off shore you can wade out and scoop up rocks by the handful and sort through them. If you look long enough you may find some lucky glass, agates, or even a Petoskey stone.

As the cold wind and rain blew us around the beach I relished showing my daughter the beauty of the rocks and promised to come back in the summer. Getting back to the car she inspected her rock finds, proudly holding them up and yelling, “One more.”

We will be back.

Starting off my toddlers rock collection right only took a couple extra minutes. After cleaning the rocks, I took some clear nail polish and coated the rocks allowing them to look wet and vibrant all the time. She plays with them regularly keeping them in her jewelry box like treasure.