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DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

After making the DIY Galaxy Shoes I fell in love with the process of making art on canvas shoes.  It's so much fun to create and also to wear around! We have a Walmart across the street from us and, I admit, we go there sometimes. At my last visit I found canvas shoes, they are… Continue reading DIY Hand Embroidered Watercolor Shoes

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Turn your Winter Blues GREEN with this photo blog from the Tropics

  A Tropical Plant Tour-The rain forest of Costa Rica I'm stuck in the frigid north this winter, that's not a bad thing, but sometimes I need to lift my spirit. Listening to uplifting music, going outside and decorating with items that simulate spring time are a big help. I like cold, but I also… Continue reading Turn your Winter Blues GREEN with this photo blog from the Tropics

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Runaround America-A North Carolina Detour

Meeting interesting people is one of the things I love about back roads America. People can be interesting in different ways. On this day, while driving down Gerton Highway US74A we came to the little mountain community of Gerton at the base of BearWallow Mountain. To our surprise, nestled in the side of the mountain was… Continue reading Runaround America-A North Carolina Detour


A Week in Rome

We arrived in Rome early afternoon, dropped our bags off, and shuttled into the city center with excitement weaving through our veins like the Vespa's through traffic. Lost within steps and oddly unconcerned about it, as every twist revealed new wonders. Our drop off point was next to the river Themes and little did we… Continue reading A Week in Rome

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Death to Stock Photos!

No more stock pictures! Chant it with me! Not only do stock photos cost money but they are marginally relevant to your post. Who's with me? Howrah! Before we charge off into battle together let's get our gear in order so we can take down this photo monster with minimal damage to ourselves. Get your gear:… Continue reading Death to Stock Photos!