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Gift Kits for Gardeners

Do you have that one person that is so hard to shop for? I know I do. You know they are crazy about gardening but clueless where to even start looking? Here are some clever garden ideas to get you started this holiday season. If you are lucky you may even snag some of these items on winter clearance.

I’ve arranged these in groups of items like mini kits. These ideas can also be used to create fundraiser baskets to auction off for your non-profit group or gardening club! Check out our Pinterest page for photos of these gift sets.

Spice It Up- This one is great for anyone interested in saving their home grown herbs through the winter. Here is some great gear to get them started.

  • Herb Chandelier- for hang drying herbs
  • Herb Scissors- This handle tool makes cutting slices easy
  • Mortar & Pestle- Use to crush those herbs to a nice flake
  • Spice Bottle Set with Labels- Store all your carefully dried herbs

Staying Sharp- What annoys a gardener more than a dull pruning shear? Nothing that I know! Get a gift card or better yet sneak out to the shed and grab them all to take to your local sharpener. Your gardener will thank you for being so thoughtful. Things that can be sharpened include: pruners, shears, digging spades, shovels and planting knives. Plus if you notice any of these are a little past their prime go for the full replacement.

Gardeners Library- What do gardeners do when the cold sets in and going out is an act of daring instead of delight? We read about sunnier places or plan our next landscape endeavor.

  • Garden’s Illustrated Magazine- From England, even the adds are beautiful
  • State by State Gardening Magazine- Pick your state to get specific information just for your gardener
  • Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart- On my bookshelf and a very interesting and entertaining read
  • Personalized Garden Stationary off Etsey- Sometimes a personal card is perfect
  • My Garden a 5 year journal- This garden diary keeps your gardener organized from year to year

Garden Glamor- Who says gardening has to be rough and dirty? Here are some fun accessories to keep your gardener looking as fresh as their flowers: Gloves, hat, apron, & knee pad.

Indoor Bliss– Having plants that need to winter indoors can get cramped in the limited window sill space at our home. Here are a few solutions we have utilized to keep both the hubby and the plants happy.

  • Three tiered garden stand with metal trays to match
  • Planter pots- get there favorite color to match their garden hues
  • Mini spritzer- a great way to gently water and dust foliage
  • Adorable watering can

Critter Lover- Besides the blooms gardeners love critter company. This includes bees, butterflies and the occasional chipmunk (as long as they don’t dig up the tulips!) Make these critters at home with these fun items.

  • Birds- Houses, feeders, and baths
  • Insects- Butterflies and healthy beetles
  • Bats- Houses
  • Fish- Automatic Feeders, bubbler’s and water plants
  • Squirrel, Chipmunk and Deer- feeders and non toxic plant food

Do you have any other suggestions for gardening gifts this year? Please add them below!

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