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DIY Dino Magnets


This  DIY will be something your kids will love to use to hang up their artwork! This fun DIY is super easy and the colorful Dinosaur magnets will be something fun to have up on your refrigerator.



  • Plastic Dinosaur Toys (you can purchase at the dollar store)
  • Spray paint (try gold or a pretty pastel color)
  • Hand saw
  • Sand paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Magnets

How to:

The fist step is to take the dinosaurs and saw them in half.  The ones I purchased already had a line in the middle where it was pre-cut and assembled so I followed that line to cut them in half. Take sand paper and clean up the newly cut rough edges by sanding off any hanging pieces.


Grab your hot glue gun and cardboard,  trace the opening of the dinosaur onto the cardboard and cut out the backing.  Hot glue the backing on so you have something to adhere the magnets to.


Now its time to take your dino’s and spray paint them all over.  Make sure there is no dust or debris on it so the paint will stick really well.   Paint one side and let dry and paint the other side, make sure to completely cover with paint this may require two coats of paint.


After the paint dries you can now hot glue the magnet onto the backing.  I used two small round magnets on each dinosaur half.  After the hot glue has set you can now use your new unique dinosaur magnets!


Happy Crafting!


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