5 Easy Pom Pom DIY’s

Last week I shared with you a review on the Pom Pom Makers that I bought.  This week I wanted to give you 5 Ideas to use on all of the pom poms you made with your new pom pom makers! 1. Key Chain Key chains are fun to make.  You can use beads, pom poms, […]

DIY Dino Magnets

This  DIY will be something your kids will love to use to hang up their artwork! This fun DIY is super easy and the colorful Dinosaur magnets will be something fun to have up on your refrigerator. Supplies: Plastic Dinosaur Toys (you can purchase at the dollar store) Spray paint (try gold or a pretty […]

DIY Geometric Wooden Candle

Target has a craft section that has some items like wooden signs, shadow boxes and trays that serve as a blank canvas for any project.  I bought a small geometric wooden planter that happened to be on clearance for $2 from their craft section.  When I first saw it I instantly knew it would be […]

DIY Cactus Pillow

Today I am going to show you my process of making a super simple Cactus Pillow! Supplies: Fabric Tissue Paper Pencil Scissors Pins Sewing Machine or you can sew this by hand Embroidery thread and needle How to: First you need to make your pattern. I took tissue paper and drew out what I wanted my […]

DIY hand painted ornaments

At any craft store or even the dollar store you can get clear plain glass ornaments. You can grab some of these and have a fun craft night with your kids! Acrylic paint works fine on them, you can also use glitter, fabric or any other type of crafting material.

There are so many ways you can make ornaments with these.  I wanted to list out 10  ideas for when you go to create yours.

  1. Wrap in fabric strips of your choice, use a hot glue gun to adhere fabric.
  2. Put paint inside them and create a cool effect, this one is great for kids they can squirt different colors in and move the ornament around to let it drip or mix together.
  3. Hand paint your ornaments like how I pictured them below.  You can also use sharpie markers if you are better with a marker than a brush.
  4. Hot glue a cool design and when the hot glue is drying drop glitter onto it to make the glue glittery.
  5. Spray with adhesive and make the entire ornament glitter!
  6. If you have very small children maybe try foam stickers, rhinestones, or regular stickers to create your ornament.
  7. Wrap yarn or rope around them adhere with hot glue to create a yarn ball effect.
  8. Hand lettered your childs name onto the ornament and fill a little bit with glitter.
  9. Fill the ornament with pom poms!
  10. Buy glass stain and hand dip the bottoms of the ornaments to get an ombre watercolor look.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Ornaments
DIY Ornaments
DIY Ornaments