DIY: Engineer Print and Frame

Engineer Print and Frame DIY

I found an awesome photography website that allows you to use their photos for free in your projects.  I stumbled upon them while looking for a photo to use as the background of a lettering piece that I wanted to do. The website is called Unsplash and they have so many good quality photos to use! It instantly got me excited about this affordable and easy DIY.

I have been wanting to print off an engineer print for awhile now, to put up next to my new plants. Engineer prints are printed on a very thin piece of paper and are not a high quality print.

Engineer Print

I had mine printed at staples for around $3.00. Make sure you use a photo that is large and will not get too pixelated.  The look you are going for is not a perfect finish it should look textured and faded. This is because of the type of print it is.  If you want a perfect print then you will need to pay a lot more money for a higher quality print.


For the “frame” I went to Michael’s and bought two pieces of balsa wood.  I used just painters tape to adhere the wood to the print.  I did this because if I don’t like it later I can take it down and it wont ruin the print.  You could use glue or staples if you want it fastened really well.

Finished look!

You can hang it however you would like, it’s very lightweight so you do not need anything too heavy duty to get it to stay up.  You could also stain the wood frame to match whatever you would like.  I like DIY’s that are versatile and can be changed to my own taste.  This could be manipulated multiple ways to cater to your style, you could do a family portrait, change the frame etc. I hope you enjoy this DIY and that you are able to make it your own.

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