Hunting Trees & Holiday DIYs

Our family went and cut our Christmas tree this past weekend. It was a blast and I recommend the tree "hunt" to anyone who hasn't tried it. Not only do Christmas tree farmers provide trees, they are compostable, sustainable, and local. Picking our tree and dragging back to the car to be loaded made my… Continue reading Hunting Trees & Holiday DIYs


A Harry Potter House Party

I love to entertain but sometimes I get a tad bit carried away. So when I had the thought to throw a Harry Potter themed party just for giggles I had to set myself a limit, and stick to it! For me, a die-hard DIYer, the Décor is my bread and butter area. But on… Continue reading A Harry Potter House Party


Sage Wreaths

All this crisp autumn air has me taking long walks and lingering outside on these last snowless days, before the cold nips too hard or the animals disappear into their homes. It also has me storing up veggies, herbs, and seeds for next year. So as I shook out seeds from the Black Eyed Susan's… Continue reading Sage Wreaths

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DIY Pom Pom Napkin Ring

This DIY is great for parties! If you are looking to add a little extra fun and color onto the table then this is a perfect DIY for you.  I know a lot of people do not use napkin rings but for parties it adds so much to have them included.  You can create these… Continue reading DIY Pom Pom Napkin Ring

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DIY- Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

If you're like my family you have more heirloom ornaments than normal ones on your tree. They are special and mean something even if it makes the tree look cheesy. So how do you have a family tree when you really don't want anyone in the family to touch it? Especially that glass one from great… Continue reading DIY- Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler


DIY Ornaments!

I put up my Christmas tree on election night to keep my mind on happy things, and I decided to create some more fun things to decorate it with this year.  Below I created a video showing you how to create these fun little ornaments. Supplies: Straws 4 per each ornament Scissors Yarn Wooden Beads… Continue reading DIY Ornaments!


DIY Pom Pom Garland

Like it or not Christmas is coming up! I wanted to share a great garland DIY to decorate your home for the holidays. There is an easy way to create multiple pom poms at one time.  If you flip a chair upside down and loop the string around two of the legs this gives you… Continue reading DIY Pom Pom Garland


Tomato Cage to Tree DIY

My neighbor's annoyance this fall was my delight as I found him yanking out a wild grape vine from a cherry tree. Instead of letting him add it to his burn pile I dragged them back to my yard to make these adorable trees to decorate my front porch. Here's how you can make your… Continue reading Tomato Cage to Tree DIY

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Haunted Rooms-The Jewel of Kalamazoo

Visiting Henderson Castle Although this might be a good place to meet entities, the reason I traveled to SouthWest Michigan to tour Henderson Castle wasn't to come face to face with the castles favorite ghosts. They boast of 5 deaths over time inside the castle and pride themselves as a paranormal hot spot with the property situated across… Continue reading Haunted Rooms-The Jewel of Kalamazoo


Wooden Ceiling DIY

We have been in a long struggle with out house remodel. Changing the living the room ceiling into a cathedral seemed oh so easy... Until we pulled down the drywall. Turns out the 'old bones' of the house were a bit too old and we had to support the whole system adding in extra beams… Continue reading Wooden Ceiling DIY

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Mr. McGregor’s Scarecrow

A tutorial on how to make Mr. McGregor's scarecrow. All my life I have loved The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. It is a childhood classic that I have read to all my children and now to my grand children. It is out of love for this author and book series that I… Continue reading Mr. McGregor’s Scarecrow


DIY Stick Bouquet

  I was walking through my front yard and noticed how many fallen sticks I had to pick up.   I decided to collect a few and make a fun project out of it.  The side table of my guest bedroom was completely bare, so I devised a plan to create some type of  bouquet out… Continue reading DIY Stick Bouquet


DIY: Engineer Print and Frame

I found an awesome photography website that allows you to use their photos for free in your projects.  I stumbled upon them while looking for a photo to use as the background of a lettering piece that I wanted to do. The website is called Unsplash and they have so many good quality photos to use!… Continue reading DIY: Engineer Print and Frame

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Remake Your Bouquet

My hubby got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day. An assortment of roses, daisies, freesia, carnations, bells, and ferns. But a week later the roses and bells have wilted making the bouquet look drab. However the rest of the flowers were holding up well. I didn't want to throw out the whole bouquet… Continue reading Remake Your Bouquet

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Holiday Pinecones

The trick to painting the tips of pinecones is not meticulous work and endless time. It’s as simple as a letting nature do the work for us! Here is how I make perfectly frosted pinecones for the holidays! I live in Michigan so, if I want to get pinecones from under my pine trees, now… Continue reading Holiday Pinecones