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DIY- Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

If you’re like my family you have more heirloom ornaments than normal ones on your tree. They are special and mean something even if it makes the tree look cheesy. So how do you have a family tree when you really don’t want anyone in the family to touch it? Especially that glass one from great grandma that sparkles so magically.

Here is my solution this holiday season. An idea I snagged off of Pinterest and modified to fit my home (lack of wall space due to books over here). I’m utilizing more of my tomato cages so here goes (can you tell my garden flopped this year).

You will need:

  • Tomato cage
  • Green felt, about 1 yard
  • Assorted colored felt, I picked several matching colors
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Glitter, gems, or any other décor you’d like to use
  • About 2-3 hours depending if the kiddos help

For the tree- Take your cage and your green felt and begin to wrap the tree using the cage wires as a support. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. If you work in quadrants you can give the tree a more realistic texture, or if you want it to be modern looking try to wrap it in as few pieces as possible. I did one of both and the speed of a single piece wrapping was very handy. I duct taped the ends into a point for the top of the tree.


For the ornaments- This can be a fun winter evening project for kids if you want. Gather your assorted colors. Cut out ornament shapes (lots of templates available online) and have the kids decorate. Use more felt, glitter, gems, pompoms, or whatever to make them special. You can use white felt to make snow, or use other shapes to make a theme like woodland, or snowflakes. No limits here on what you can do check the examples I worked from on Pinterest. On a little whim I also made a few present ornaments for the base of the tree using the extra felt I had.

In the end you should have a 3D tree that the kids can decorate, rearrange and move throughout the house for hours of holiday fun.

How did your tree turn out? Did you create a theme or go traditional? I’d love to see some of them.

Happy Questing!


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