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A Nontraditional Tradition

So my family discovered escape rooms a few years ago and let's just say we are a bit addicted. When we take a vacation we check if there are escape rooms in the area before we go. It's become a thing. Last Christmas I was thrown the challenge of, "Hey, you're good at puzzles and… Continue reading A Nontraditional Tradition


Un-gifting Perfectionism

I'm prepping and planning for the most joyful day of the year, today, Christmas. The goal in my mind is the perfect event: the kids will be adorable, the food delicious, my look flawless. But it won't be. Never totally is, at least in my mind. I made this confession to my Bible study buddy… Continue reading Un-gifting Perfectionism


Hunting Trees & Holiday DIYs

Our family went and cut our Christmas tree this past weekend. It was a blast and I recommend the tree "hunt" to anyone who hasn't tried it. Not only do Christmas tree farmers provide trees, they are compostable, sustainable, and local. Picking our tree and dragging back to the car to be loaded made my… Continue reading Hunting Trees & Holiday DIYs


NaNoWriMo & the Season of Joy

Like Christmas presents, I've been wrapping up the loose ends on my stories for National Novel Writing Month. I am not a "winner" coming short of the fifty thousand words needed. However, I feel like a winner. Why? Because I've been writing. I've been proving to myself that with two tiny children I can do… Continue reading NaNoWriMo & the Season of Joy

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DIY- Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

If you're like my family you have more heirloom ornaments than normal ones on your tree. They are special and mean something even if it makes the tree look cheesy. So how do you have a family tree when you really don't want anyone in the family to touch it? Especially that glass one from great… Continue reading DIY- Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

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Vintage Gifts for the Holiday

For Christmas we always play "the game." You know the one where you get a number, pass the gifts, and steal them from each other (or any variation thereof). Our newest twist to this game is buying our gifts second hand, either from a yard sale or from a thrift shop. Not only is the challenge to find… Continue reading Vintage Gifts for the Holiday


DIY hand painted ornaments

At any craft store or even the dollar store you can get clear plain glass ornaments. You can grab some of these and have a fun craft night with your kids! Acrylic paint works fine on them, you can also use glitter, fabric or any other type of crafting material. There are so many ways… Continue reading DIY hand painted ornaments


DIY Ornaments!

I put up my Christmas tree on election night to keep my mind on happy things, and I decided to create some more fun things to decorate it with this year.  Below I created a video showing you how to create these fun little ornaments. Supplies: Straws 4 per each ornament Scissors Yarn Wooden Beads… Continue reading DIY Ornaments!


DIY Pom Pom Garland

Like it or not Christmas is coming up! I wanted to share a great garland DIY to decorate your home for the holidays. There is an easy way to create multiple pom poms at one time.  If you flip a chair upside down and loop the string around two of the legs this gives you… Continue reading DIY Pom Pom Garland

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On Assignment from Costa Rica

A Christmas like no other. My heart never yearned to spend Christmas Day on a remote beach in the Southern Pacific until I was on assignment in Costa Rica, far from family and friends that I left behind in Michigan. Here, my internal calendar is out of kilter, nonexisitant really, for all the cues from… Continue reading On Assignment from Costa Rica

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Gift Guide for Writers

Here are some ideas I complied for gifts for writers. Some are practical, others are quirky but I hope you find some ideas you can use. Eat. Sleep. Write. Coffee Mug. Any coffee mug with a fun saying will work. A quick internet search turns up hundreds of options. Find this mug on Amazon. LED… Continue reading Gift Guide for Writers