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On Assignment from Costa Rica

A Christmas like no other.

My heart never yearned to spend Christmas Day on a remote beach in the Southern Pacific until I was on assignment in Costa Rica, far from family and friends that I left behind in Michigan. Here, my internal calendar is out of kilter, nonexisitant really, for all the cues from nature are different.  The sun rises and sets at the same time year round and there are two declared seasons, summer and winter (rainy season). To a Michigander I laugh at this. For it is a joyous event to be far from cold and snow when everyone else you know are in the deep of it.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the city of San Jose asleep on Christmas Day, for most Ticos celebrated Christmas the night before and were now sleeping it off. This left the streets eerily devoid of traffic, which made us chuckle as we drove with more speed than ever before meandering through the streets until we were well on our way to the coast.

When we arrived, astonishment gripped my heart, not a soul was there. We were alone in a paradise.

Scarlet Macaws squawking in the sea almond trees on a feeding frenzy looking for the almost-ripe seeds greeted us. A formation of pelicans dove in for a closer look. The tide was out revealing living sea creatures and shells that seemed like gems waiting for me to pick up. As far as I could see, through the hot mist rising off the ocean, not a person in site. I just stood in awe of this and thanked God for this blessing. For it was of the stuff movies are made from. I didn’t feel worthy to receive such a gift on the day we celebrate the Gift of all Gifts, Jesus Christ.

This was indeed a Christmas like no other.

2 thoughts on “On Assignment from Costa Rica”

  1. Wow, how beautiful. Christmas spent in other places can be very interesting. When I lived on the west coast, it was sunny on Christmas day…now I’m in the south and we’ve had snow every year…a “white” Christmas. The feeling is different in both places. I bet in Costa Rica it was amazing though. Different, but amazing. Beautiful pictures! 🙂


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