It’s true, I made that word up. Finding a word to communicate all the delicate nuances wrapped up into entering a winter garden is no easy task. The happiness of picking something in deep winter, taking it into the kitchen and cooking it up is very special, not to mention nutritious.  After recycling a temporary carport and turning it into a hoop […]


If you have ever been to LUSH than you have seen a bubble bar.  If you haven’t been to LUSH let me explain to you about this awesome product. A bubble bar is a crumbly bar that when added to a warm bath, turns your ordinary bath into an amazing, good smelling, colorful bubble bath! They are similar […]


For Christmas we always play “the game.” You know the one where you get a number, pass the gifts, and steal them from each other (or any variation thereof). Our newest twist to this game is buying our gifts second hand, either from a yard sale or from a thrift shop. Not only is the challenge to find […]


A friend of mine had a fabric covered shelter that they bought for an instant garage. The outside fabric lasted about a year and then ripped to shreds in the Michigan winter. She was now faced with this ugly skeleton structure in her yard. Not wanting to waste the heavy duty steel frame she asked me […]


Christmas is coming and its time to start wrapping presents and getting ready for the Holidays!  My DIY this week is an awesome craft because it can be used for so many different things. See below for my How to. Supplies: Acrylic Paint Paper Straw Water Dish Soap Plastic cups or bowls to hold the paint […]


Have you ever felt no matter how hard you work at it your writing it never seems to come out on top? Agents reject your prose, your Twitter pitches stagnate unheard, and editors point out a lack of sparkle. Take heart, writing is a contest not a competition. According to here is the definition […]


I like looking for gardening ideas that would make life easier. There are a lot of ideas out there, but I never know if they would work well for me. So I do a gardening trial each spring. This year I wanted to try growing potatoes in a crate because digging potatoes is hard for […]