I just finished reading the first Harry Potter book and I had to do a lettering piece inspired by the book!  If you are ever trying to add something special to your lettering try adding a little color by painting with watercolor or gouache.  It is so much fun to work watercoloring into a lettering project. […]


My neighbor’s annoyance this fall was my delight as I found him yanking out a wild grape vine from a cherry tree. Instead of letting him add it to his burn pile I dragged them back to my yard to make these adorable trees to decorate my front porch. Here’s how you can make your […]


A Wild wilderness waiting to be explored! Oh, yes I love Michigan. Going to the UP, as we call it here in the lower peninsula is an unique experience for all who love nature. There are pristine shorelines, numerous light houses, quaint villages and shops. The largest cities are spread out across the upper peninsula with […]

DIY Magnetic Spice Tins

I was shopping at the dollar tree again (I know I am there far too often!) and I found these magnetic tins.  They reminded me of the magnetic spice tins but they were selling them to hold paperclips and other office supplies.  I thought it would be a great Idea to make a spice tin […]


If I’m being totally honest I’ve never been a funny person. I’ve dreamed of being the one telling an epic story of embarrassment and having the whole room erupt in laughter. Never happened, not once. So I gave up on trying to be funny. Sure it happens on occasion, I get lucky and make someone […]


Boost your Immune System with this powerful immune boosting tonic! Before it freezes here in Michigan I gather up extra snippets of herbs, harvest the horseradish, pick the reddest hot peppers I can find for a cold and flu tonic that is sure to make hair curl. Vinegar based herbal tonics are not a new invention and are highly adaptable and […]


I have three bathrooms all with mirrors that have no frames.  I wanted to add a little more life into the room with a frame around the mirror.  I also added a shelf with plants above the toilet and some artwork in the room! Supplies Liquid nails Caulk gun Trim cut to size (home depot […]