This week I decided to do a costume inspired DIY that would be great this year for Halloween.  It also works for any age, young kids or adults, and can have many different variations to fit what supplies you have at home.  This whole DIY cost under $4 for me (I already had the glitter, […]

How to generate money between your blog and Etsy.

Not us. Are you? How do you get paid for it? Why do people do it for free? Most of us just love to blog. We like to share our experiences. Some of us are building a platform or network we can use later (hopefully). Others use it for personal therapy, like a journal. What […]


Visiting Henderson Castle Although this might be a good place to meet entities, the reason I traveled to SouthWest Michigan to tour Henderson Castle wasn’t to come face to face with the castles favorite ghosts. They boast of 5 deaths over time inside the castle and pride themselves as a paranormal hot spot with the property situated across […]

Free Printable name cards for Thanksgiving

I use Creative Market a lot for fonts and other things for design and this week they have some amazing free downloads.  I used them to create name cards that you can download and use for Thanksgiving this year.  I know what your thinking, Thanksgiving is so far away, but its good to get some […]


As we pulled up to the u-pick flower farm the stillness of the jeweled field of flowers was so calming. Alone except for the beetles, bees, and turkeys on the hedgerow. We helped ourselves to some snips and a basket, trekking through the morning dew and muddy lanes to find perfect stems. My toddler chases […]

How to can homemade tomato soup.

A Country Garden Recipe I gave up buying processed canned tomato soup a long time ago. The taste of making my own organic soup far surpasses processed soups from the grocery. The newly discovered fact that canned soups have toxic BPA in them should be a wake up call to all of us. So today […]