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Preorder Now Available!

I’m TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!! It’s happened! I now can share all the details of my new kid’s book!!! If you want to skip the details and go straight to Amazon click this photo:

First off check out this fantastic cover art, like wow!

Second, I need to thank all the kids in my life who found out about this book early on and made it a point to give all the input they could come up with. Kids are WAY more silly and gross than adults give them credit for and I’m so glad! If you have a kid who loves silly gross stuff (I know my girls do) then I do recommend this book!

Third the price!!! It’s so affordable at $7.99! I can take this camping and not be too upset if the pages get sticky smores on it. I can also give it as an easy birthday gift to my kid’s teachers or friends. What good gifts are under $10 these days? THIS BOOK!

Fourth, as a mom I need some healthy distractions for my kids and these questions really make you think (and of course be grossed out). BUT there are ZERO poop references in this book and that is a wholesome thing! It’s clean fun and I appreciate Rockridge Press for going the extra mile on wholesome kid’s literature.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away! I’m here to help.

Happy Reading! Hannah

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