DIY Wall Hanging


  • Yarn
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Beads

How To:

Take your yarn and make loops with it the length you want, you can use your arm to create your loops. I wrapped mine about ten times each so they all ended up to be the same size.

After making your loops you can knot them onto the dowel in any design that you want. You can make designs by cutting at different lengths or using different colors. Ā  If you want you could also add some wooden beads to make it even more unique!



Take a 1 foot piece of yarn and tie it on both ends of the dowel so you can hang it up.


The last step is to trim the yarn the same length or in a shape that you want.


You are all set to hang up your new adorable wall hanging!

Happy Crafting!

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