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DIY Odors… Smelling Good Over Here

I’m sure most of you painfully remember reading that I tossed out my deodorant… I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it and I knew I was going off the deep end with that one. At the time, I didn’t tell anyone (not even my husband) that I’d tossed it. You think he noticed?

He did, but not because of a smell.

He came home from work about a week after I’d been off my Dove deodorant and said, “You’ve had such a good attitude lately and it’s been so nice to come home from work and find you so happy. Whatever you’ve been doing is working.” Or something very close to that. I hadn’t noticed any change in my mood until he’d pointed it out. It had been a great week, all the same stuff happened, but I didn’t react the same this time.

Now before you freak out I do have a bit of a negative personality, at least I thought I did. Did you know deodorants are full of hormone, reproductive, and endocrine disrupters? All the things that regulate your mood. This happy mama is not going to go back to being grumpy for no good reason again.

So I bet you’re still wondering why I don’t smell. One thing, baking soda. This is my new favorite personal health item. I keep a little jar of it in my bathroom drawer and I apply it like usual. I’ve read that some people add a bit of coconut oil to it to make it easier to apply or if it feels abrasive to the skin. All I added to mine was some Purification and Peppermint oil to give it a light scent.

You know what else? Baking soda is cheap! You probably have it in your kitchen right now next to your flour, or a box in your fridge deodorizing it. That box of carpet deodorizer you buy, that’s baking soda! You’ve already been using it to get rid of smells in your house why not try it on yourself?

Try it a couple times, just to see if I’m crazy.

Happy Questing!

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