Creating Cute, Clever, and Killer Blog Titles

A quick internet search will tell you all the “best” ways to name a blog post. But who is right? I’d venture to say, “It depends on the post.”

For instance I could’ve named this post many different things lets dig a little deeper into all the methods for catching reader’s eyes in this fast paced internet environment.

6 Types of Blog Post Titles- This is the numbers strategy. And for many steps, DIYs, and lists this can be a great option. Be warned, if you use a number you better have the post be reflective of it with numbers in an easy to scan set up. The readers are expecting it with this type of title, don’t disappoint them with blocks of text.

Ways to Mess Up A Blog Post Title- Negativity works. It’s a sad truth that a negative named post will get more click through than a positive one. This is a good one to combine with another strategy. Ex: 5 Things to Avoid in Blog Titles.

How to Name Your Blog Posts– Hello captain obvious. This isn’t super classy but the SEO systems love this stuff. You will rank higher in SEO and get click through because of it. This also works well when your target audience is business oriented and want to know the point of things quickly. The downside is many posts are named this way so standing out can be tough unless you are already ranked in the top page on Google.

Bloggers Get Your Post Titles Right– This is market driven. It’s calling to a specific audience and grabs your attention. While this is great for specific markets if you are doing more general work you will lose readers who don’t fit within the parameters you set.

Need Help With Blog Post Titles?- This asks a question. And the reader’s answer should be ‘yes’ and therefore gets a click. This is a great way to follow up with a sales pitch if you are selling something related.

Creating Cute, Clever, and Killer Blog Post Titles– This is the catchy title version. It works best when you are marketing to a creative group of people (yes you).

I could have chosen any of these post titles. Each would have appealed to different reader segments. So the questions you need to ask are:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What will resonate most with them?
  • If you are writing for people like yourself then, what resonates most with you?

Are there other tactics you use to get readers attention? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. Please subscribe if you like these posts.



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