Don’t Say It That Way!

I really enjoy coming up with witty titles for my blog posts. It's fun. Part of me (the stubborn part) doesn't want to change. But one of my good writing pals pointed out the wisdom of key words the other day. She even backed it up with this fascinating and fear producing article. Have I… Continue reading Don’t Say It That Way!


Blog Time Travel

It's my fourth year of blogging. I've been reviewing my blog a bit and doing research on ways to improve it. One source recommends reusing older blog posts as a way to save time and reuse material. Sounds nice to a thrifty person like myself. So that lead me to digging back into my older… Continue reading Blog Time Travel


DIY Card Table Makeover

A couple Christmas' ago I won an old card table in a white elephant gift exchange. ย Card tables are actually super useful because they fold up and you can transport them wherever you need without taking up much room. ย I have used it a lot since I've gotten it but to be honest its old… Continue reading DIY Card Table Makeover


100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging

While our combined Quest Type posts are topping over 250, this post will officially be my 100th. Part of me is so excited to still be doing this and another part of me thinks I maybe type too much. Regardless, I hope you are getting as much out of these posts as I am. But… Continue reading 100 Posts and Counting: aka The Benefits of Blogging


Group Blogging for Beginners

So you're blogging or thinking about blogging and it's so tough. Not only is hard to post regularly, it's hard to think of topics. If you are blogging with others it's all multiplied by a bazillion stress level. What if so-so doesn't post on time? Or there post is written poorly? Or worse we loose… Continue reading Group Blogging for Beginners


Getting Paid for Blogging

Not us. Are you? How do you get paid for it? Why do people do it for free? Most of us just love to blog. We like to share our experiences. Some of us are building a platform or network we can use later (hopefully). Others use it for personal therapy, like a journal. What… Continue reading Getting Paid for Blogging


Creating Cute, Clever, and Killer Blog Titles

A quick internet search will tell you all the "best" ways to name a blog post. But who is right? I'd venture to say, "It depends on the post." For instance I could've named this post many different things lets dig a little deeper into all the methods for catching reader's eyes in this fast… Continue reading Creating Cute, Clever, and Killer Blog Titles