Getting Paid for Blogging

Not us. Are you? How do you get paid for it? Why do people do it for free?

Most of us just love to blog. We like to share our experiences. Some of us are building a platform or network we can use later (hopefully). Others use it for personal therapy, like a journal. What about you? What’s your reason for blogging?

Here at Quest Type it’s all the above. We love to be creative and sharing our experiences is just an extension of that creativity. However, we are at a crossroads between a hobby and a business. What are we? Right now this a hobby and the thing that turns it into a business is making money. With blogging there are few ways to cash in, I bet you know the big one: Ads.

We aren’t a fan- of adds that is. As you can see zero adds- anywhere. We hope you appreciate that because it’s a big deal. WordPress makes it very easy to integrate ad sales into each site. So not only are we not getting paid for ads we are paying to have no ads on the page- you’re welcome.

We’ve thought up a different idea. Something we haven’t seen anyone else doing. This could mean we are super original or that it just isn’t going to work. We’ll let you know. For some of our posts, not all, we will be providing a link to our shiny new Etsy store. Where, if you’d like, you can purchase the DIY crafts we make instead of making it yourself. If you’re short on time, don’t think you are crafty enough, or just like the way ours turned out you can simply order it from the site.

Are we crazy? We are avoiding ads and only offering you to purchase something if you click out of the post and into the store. No pop ups, no crazy ad schemes, just a link if you want. It also gives us a revenue stream to begin making money on some of the many posts we create.

Quest Type on Etsy!


What do you think? Is it something you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments. If you’d like to see an example of how this will work in a post check it out.

Wish us Luck! Lets be real, don’t we all deserve to make some cash on the side? If this works for us we’ll let you know! We will keep you updated on our progress as time goes on. If you want more info about our stats for our first year check it out here.

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